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{ Monthly Archives } February 2012

You get what you pay for

Nice comment on the ZeFrank conversation board about public education: Like, take education. Everybody wrings hands about how our schools are failing, blah blah, but what the hell do you expect when teachers don’t get paid enough to actually live on? The elephant in the room is confronting people with the fact that they get […]

Loop the Loop!

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yes. Yes. YES! HELLZ YEAH!

ZeFrank is currently kickstartering a new year of “The Show” called “A Show.”  It’s already funded, but you should get on that anyway. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about: here you go. Hell yeah. [ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | […]


For those of you not in Illinois, the Chicago Tribune has been working on a long-form investigative journalism story about the University of Illinois now-defunct “Category I” admissions track that gave preferential treatment to applicants who were connected to influential people and lawmakers.  The newspaper uncovered a system that allowed lawmakers to put in special […]

Say it ain’t so, Barry

Game of Shadows: Barry Bonds, BALCO, and the Steroids Scandal that Rocked Professional Sports by Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams, narrated by Scott Brick I’ll be honest: I knew almost nothing about the BALCO scandal before I read this book.  Sure, I knew that congress had some hearings about steroids, and that it turned out […]

The Artist? Really?

I liked the Oscars, overall.  Billy Crystal’s tried and true movie montage was nice, as was his down-home demeanor.  I thought the Bridesmaids penis jokes were funny and the Robert Downey Jr. documentary thing worked, as did the Christopher Guest test audience and the Ben Stiller straight man routine.  I thought the awards were fine, […]

2012-02-26 Tweets

Cracked article similar to my double reviews. Thx for head's up Rolfe. Mine: Theirs: # This month's playlist includes Best of Men At Work. I dub "Dr. Heckle & Jive" one of the most annoying songs ever written. # Frosty points out that the new 'steamy waterworld' sounds a lot like Mon Calimari. […]

The Skull Mantra

by Eliot Pattison The Skull Mantra follows the investigations of Shan, a Chinese prisoner in a Tibetan labor camp, exiled for his mis-steps in the political minefield of Beijing.  When a headless corpse is discovered on the road leading out of town, Shen is recruited by the local military leader, Colonel Tan, to run a […]

Inspector Lewis, series 4

I’ve been enjoying Inspector Lewis ever since he was DCS Lewis, assisting Inspector Morse.  Everyman Lewis and his brainy partner Hathaway work for Oxford CID, sleuthing out killers at Oxford University and its surrounding communities.  The most recent series really shows how the creators of the show have settled into the pattern the show will […]

ImagiNext, “boys’ toys,” and a cold bucket of water

First, a video that you should watch, if you haven’t heard of it yet: [youtube:] A couple quick anecdotes: When Finn and I were perusing the Target toy aisles this winter (sometime in late November, I believe), two 8yo girls walked by us, one complaining quite loudly that “Toys for boys are so much cooler […]

On Microphones and Light Sabres

I remember seeing one of the extras for a Star Wars prequel, probably Attack of the Clones, in which Ewan MacGregor discusses the laborious process by which each actor selected the light sabre he wanted to use.  The propmasters discussed it with him, brought him several options, etc etc. I can’t help but imagine that […]

Tell me this isn’t a creepy smile

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I Hate You, You and Your Sick Experiments!

Beyond Re-Animator This third segment in the Re-Animator series is delightful–much better than I thought it would be.   After the disastrous outing of his experiments at the end of Bride of Re-Animator (or perhaps another set of experiments in a different cemetery), Herbert West is in prison, doing experiments in full-on MacGuyver mode (or perhaps […]

The Map of Time

The Map of Time by Felix J. Palma The Map of Time is a Victorian-age time travel adventure that follows three or four different small tales, each bouncing off H.G. Wells and ultimately weaving together.  It’s well-written and enjoyable, but ultimately it didn’t grab me as much as many of the critics seem to have […]

One million dollars!

We decided to let Avery (6) watch The Amazing Race with us this season.  She stays up late enough to catch it (nearly) live, and it’s a fun way to introduce her to ‘real’ television (meaning broadcast television in which she can’t just watch the next episode immediately).  It’s also fun to watch her enjoy […]