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{ Monthly Archives } March 2012

Can hopping zombies still be scary?

It will probably damage my credentials to argue that Mr. Vampire is a zombie film.  Hell, I don’t really think it’s a zombie film.   But it’s an interesting movie to look at in the context of zombie films, as it draws on the Chinese tradition of hungry ghosts, rather than the European vampire tradition.  The […]

The Regulators

by Stephen King (as Richard Bachman), performed by Kate Nelligan It’s a peaceful day in suburban Ohio when the fleet of futuristic vans rolls into town, bringing hell with them.  The residents of the neighborhood are trapped and confused as gunfire opens up, people start dying, and the world around them slowly starts to crumble.  […]

On Police and the Panopticon

In Charles Stross’ near future crime thriller Halting State, the police officers wear “life recorders,” embedded video cameras that record every moment of their work.  While most of us would bristle at that kind of observation in our own lives, I have become more and more convinced that such practices must be part of the […]

With all that time for weight-lifting, I’d think you have time to comb your hair

Nerds, nerds, everywhere, and nary a beer to drink.

Nerdcore Rising and Crazy, Stupid, Love. Nerdcore Rising is a documentary–or rather, a Rockumentary– about the inventor and progenitor of the ‘nerdcore’ hip hop subgenre (nerdcore aims neither at novelty nor parody, but rather makes hip hop music whose subject matter is nerd culture instead of the usual fare).   The film follows MC Frontalot […]

Shadow Man

Shadow Man: The Life of Dashiell Hammett by Richard Layman I read this book for a research project I’m working on, but it’s a mainstream book and pretty enjoyable.  Layman takes a practical approach to writing about Hammett, not investing much of his personal voice in the writing, but still giving room to Hammett’s witty […]

2012-03-25 Tweets

Me: What do you want for breakfast? Finn: Oatmeal. Me: Oatmeal? Finn: Yeah. When you asked, I smelled my nose and it smelled like oatmeal. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Look behind you! No seriously, we can see behind you and it is scary as shit back there.

Apollo 18 and The Woman in Black Old-fashioned and new-fangled horror meet when they return to the roots of what make movies scary: suspense, the uncanny, and mystery.  Apollo 18 purports to be an uncovered trove of video from the ill-fated eponymous secret Department of Defense mission to the moon.  It’s unclear how the video, […]

I Drink for a Reason

written and narrated by David Cross I’ve always enjoyed Cross’ work, from Mr. Show to Arrested Development to his stand up when I’ve had a chance to hear it on SiriusXM’s “RAW DOG!” uncensored comedy station.  So I was expecting a solid audiobook from him, and he delivered.  Cross’ humor book is a series of […]

Librarians tryin’ to find me.

A little NSFW [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQiEJk-o5WA]

What should I do with all these awesome old paperbacks?

As you very well know, I collect Mike Shayne paperbacks, both because I like the pulpy feel of Halliday’s work, but also for the lurid and hilarious covers.  I also have an extensive collection of John Dickson Carr, Carter Dickson, and Ellery Queen novels I inherited from Peter Christensen when he retired.  Up until now, […]

I find these men immensely creepy

Regarding IL bill HB 4085

Hello Rep Yarbrough, I’m emailing as a constituent of yours (resident of the 900 block of Elgin Avenue in Forest Park, IL) to urge you to vote NO on HB 4085. As a Democrat, I suspect you are already voting this way, but I would urge you to consider the following post, written by a […]

Callin my science peeps

This has happened to you.  You have a mug or a glass or something without a pouring spout, and you want to transfer some of your delicious beverage to another glass.  Despite having failed in this task before, you attempt to pour the beverage and end up spilling some down the side of the cup.  […]

I have a job interview in Kansas City at 9AM!

Quarantine 2: Terminal Before I saw this movie, two different people recommended it with the phrase “Better than you’d expect.”  I can confirm, it’s better than you’d expect.  Except that by confirming this assessment, I’m raising your hopes and you’re probably going to end up disappointed.  Get over it! Q2 follows the misadventures of a […]