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{ Monthly Archives } April 2012

Why Might They Be Giants?

continued from yesterday They Might Be Giants holds a special place in my heart for two reasons.  First, it’s a meta-detective story about the multiplicity of signs and clues in our world.  In some ways, it has filmic resonance with The Crying of Lot 49, infusing the world with wondrous mystery, reading clues from garbage […]

…you were right.

To those of you (and there are several) who told me that Cabin in the Woods was right up my alley… It’s a great movie.  Horror, yes, but something else as well.  Nothing more to say about it here.

2012-04-29 Tweets

#DinnerWithA3YearOld after long attempt to get Finn to eat, I say, “Fine, just take your plate into the kitchen.” He replies, “It’s a bowl.” # I want to win a pair of tix to see @RealGipsyKings at @ChicagoTheatre on 4/27! #Tweet4Tix # Note to self via Internet: after reading on @boingboing about Klout, plan to […]

Costumes, gunfire, and policemen, oh my!

They Might Be Giants and 21 Jump Street They Might Be Giants is a 1971 existential comedy about a wealthy former judge who thinks he’s Sherlock Holmes and the psychiatrist–Dr. Watson–being prodded to put him away by the judge’s greedy brother.  But when the psychiatrist meets him, she discovers more to Holmes than first met […]

Facepalm: three Internet burps from this week

Three different times I found myself wallowing in anguish while reading an Internet news story.  Ready for the ride? 1. Klout – a Wired news story about the controversial website (via BoingBoing) Klout is a social media metric that measures how influential you are and gives you a score between 1 and 100.  The higher […]

The Wave

The Wave: In Pursuit of the Rogues, Freaks, and Giants of the Ocean by Susan Casey, narrated by Kristen Potter For years, sailors have told tales of freak waves, three or four times the size of the surrounding waters.  Dozens of ships disappear each year, often swamped without a sound or any warning by these […]

The other one

This guy keeps competing with me on Google, and shows up in my narcissistic Google alerts.  Check it, the comedian Brendan Riley: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taFpoEzwXMM]

Salvador Dali, interior decorator

In which I corrupt the youth … again

Another in my series of email interviews with high schoolers working on papers.  These are my responses to questions from a sophomore in Washington state (questions in italics). 1. What is it about zombies that makes them important or relevant enough to teach a college course on them? In general, I believe that the study […]

Halting State

By Charles Stross I have to wonder, now, whether I encountered some brief discussion of this novel a couple years ago (probably on BoingBoing) and then forgot about it, or if the zeitgeist of the era just prompted me to follow the same path that Charles Stross had already cleared so cleverly.  For the last […]

2012-04-22 Tweets

Back from #pcaaca on a trip to the arboretum. Looks like rain might cut it short. Damn you, Mother Nature! # Have I mentioned that I love to eat at chicken and waffles? # Finn says to Grandma re 'Hush Little Baby' — "I wish I could sing that to you when you are little." […]

New Directions in Popular Culture Theory

The most invigorating and lively panel I attended was the Professional Development panel chaired by Bob Batchelor on Saturday morning at 11:15.  Four of us presented to a packed house, offering ideas and explorations of the current pop culture landscape and considering how Pop Culture studies and Theory could interact in the future.  Quick summaries […]

Puppets and Censorship

Being Elmo and This Film is Not Yet Rated This Film is Not Yet Rated (hereafter: This Film) explores the shadowy world of the MPAA ratings board, a secretive organization that wields enormous power to shape the market future of the films under their consideration.  Being Elmo explores the shadowy world of Muppeteers, the vivacious […]

PCA/ACA Copyright and Intellectual Property Area, 2012

At the PCA/ACA 2012 meeting in Boston last week, I chaired two panels for my area, Copyright and Intellectual Property. They were both excellent, if I can say so myself.

Notice how my upraised fingers project a shadow-bunny on the wall behind me