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14 April

Morbid, Respectful, both, neither?

Morbid, Respectful, both, neither?

So if you follow this site much at all, you know I’m a bit of Titanic buff, a Titaniac to use the phrase I first heard from my grad school friend Megan Norcia.

In case you’d forgotten, here are some bits of writing I’ve done about the big ship.

So my question is this: should I make an effort to see Titanic 3d, particularly on 14 April, the actual 100th anniversary of the ship’s sinking?  Part of me feels that it’s a gruesome choice, slightly seedy because the film is a melodramatic depiction of a tragedy.  But being a Titanic buff is, in itself, slightly seedy, no?

Gentle readers, what do you think?

Additional considerations: I’ll be in Boston for an academic conference, so seeing the movie will likely mean forgoing academic comeraderie and networking in favor of a movie.  I’m also likely to make my next academic book project one about the titanic, so there’s a scholarly aspect to it as well.

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