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2012-06-17 Tweets

  • 760 words today. Tough slog, but it's a monday. #750words #
  • Boy, one day driving downtown during rush hour makes me glad I ride the train most days. #TrafficSucks #
  • Driving back through the city, two diff ppl sped up rather than let me merge properly. Thanks, assholes. #
  • 793 words this morning. Not bad. Good stuff, but I'm not sure if it will be better to move into another chapter. #750words #
  • From Bryson's SHORT HISTORY OF NEARLY EVERYTHING: There once were guinea pigs the size of rhinos, and rhinos the size of two-story houses. #
  • Singing PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON tonight, I sang with such pathos that Finn started stroking my arm when Jackie Paper stopped visiting Puff. #
  • Pop quiz: Josh Charles plays brother to an actress who later plays his love interest in a different project. Name both. #
  • 863 words this morning. This chapter is resisting my attempts to bring it to a close. #750words #
  • Hey Twitter: How long should I wait to write about a difficult experience with a student in a class? Can I ever write about it? #
  • First essay due from online writing class today. Wading into grading. #
  • @mark_bousquet I'd love a PDF (epub even better) of Gunfighter Gothic. Can I Paypal you a buck? I dislike Amazon DRM. #
  • Started Penn and Teller's BS series last night. Oh man, it's great! #
  • He who sits between an air conditioner and a roof-ceiling wall will perspire unevenly. #OneSweatyArmpitToRuleThemAll #
  • Despite the fact that he died on TITANIC, I can't help but think Maj. Archibald Butt had a funny name. #
  • Five hours in the van? Culvers time. #

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