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Digital Sextant : 2012-06-24 Tweets
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2012-06-24 Tweets

  • You should read this. I mean, it's called SAD ROBOT STORIES. http://t.co/vL3azqOJ #
  • Just one more thing: with my birthday money I ordered seasons 1-7 of Columbo to go with Jenny's gift of all the Columbo movies. #
  • Finn remembers a lesson from our friend Roy: "Daddy, when I'm a grown up I'll get bigger each year and you will get smaller." #
  • Can't wait to see Andrew's new project in all its glory. http://t.co/e7FsFKVg #
  • Pharyngula nails it: "Suddenly, lawyer jokes are obsolete, and ordinary shysters look angelic next to Mr Carreon" http://t.co/Ms1b0t1Y #
  • Just 475 words today. Really hard getting back into the swing after the weekend away camping. #750words #
  • Ferrara Pan Candy sign says it's 100 degrees today. I wonder if the Red Hots inside are getting sticky. #
  • "…That old man in the fun house was murdered by the same blowgun that killed Professor Quackenbush." #Lot49 #
  • @kristinarola what would you have said re: why agnostics don't go to church? in reply to kristinarola #
  • @kristinarola "troubling to assume there is one right path to God" Me too. That's why I'm Unitarian Universalist. http://t.co/gwMv2jr1 in reply to kristinarola #
  • 759 today. Continues to be a slog this week. Ugh. #750words #
  • Kickass. I just bought this steampunk monkey book: http://t.co/IlRRTqWd #
  • (1/2) "In Cribbage, as in other games, the ignorant go on, playing at random, and trusting solely to what they term “their luck;” … #
  • (2/2) while those who are better informed work to acquire the art of guiding that ‘luck’ towards their own side of the board.” George Walker #
  • Upon seeing Chris Hemsworth in the SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN trailer, Avery demanded to know why Thor is in that movie. #
  • Later, when Avery realized Angela Lansbury was in MISTER POPPER'S PENGUINS, she asked excitedly "Will there be a mystery in this movie?" #
  • @s2ceball Why is girl in quotes? Why would she share a rose with you? This is SOOOO cryptic. in reply to s2ceball #
  • Strange calorie burning math: mon did 35 min alternating speed, 3.74 miles, 374 cal; today did 35 min at 7.5mph, 4.21 miles, only 378 cal. #
  • I feel bad for all you poor chumps who didn't get to have Jenny's amazing root beer pie for dessert. #yummyyummy #
  • 957 words today. Off to the dentist! #750words #
  • Reading Joe Schrieber's DEATH TROOPERS right now. Star Wars + Zombies, and I don't care who knows it. #
  • It's not too late to get in on this awesome project: http://t.co/Bsnb7i5q #
  • @steam_games Enjoying inspiration from your handbook. Do staff follow it too? Accounting, HR, custodial? http://t.co/I6F1dhP0 #
  • 525 words today. Tighter schedule because we're going to the water park. Whee! #750words #
  • Did I mention what I got with for my birthday this year? 98 hours of Columbo. It's on. http://t.co/furqiOHO #
  • 48 hours without jenny. The daddy-kids weekend has officially begun! #
  • @bekdale Darn tootin'. Now I just need to convince them it's a good idea. in reply to bekdale #
  • Damn the person who first decided to put a music experimentation room in a children's museum. #HeadacheAnyone #
  • Kids museum play Potbelly's: Pretending to eat a sandwich, I make eye contact with another dad doing the same. Solemn nods are exchanged. #
  • Avery makes me a Dagwood Bumstead at the pretend Potbelly's. http://t.co/WhTMAdwm #

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