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An Interesting Pair of Editorials on Brian Presley

In case you hadn’t heard about this, there’s a minor Netstorm brewing over a twitter volley by Melissa Statten about her experience sitting next to Brian Presley, a minor celebrity, on a RedEye flight in which he either hit on her or chatted flirtatiously.  Check out the two stories:

Brian Presley Hits On Model Melissa Statten

Brian Presley Denies Melissa Statten story

I find it unlikely that someone would make up something like this out of the blue — unless Statten has a history of this sort of weirdness, it’s not unreasonable to think she’s telling the truth.  The interesting part, from a new media standpoint, is the question of whether she should have tweeted about it or not.  Check out these two perspectives:

In Defense of Brian Presley

Creepy Dudes Who Can’t Take No For An Answer are fair game for mass ridicule

I side with the second piece if we take Statten’s story as true — his denial that he’s married and removing his wedding ring are both serious problems for anyone defending him.  In this age of the Internet as public stockade, this sort of exposure is part of the experience.  At the same time, too bad Statten didn’t think to turn on the recording app on her phone.

The only thing I don’t see in Statten’s twitter feed is indication that she actually said to him “I’m sorry, I’d rather not chat — I just want to get some sleep” or something to that effect.  I’m not trying to excuse his lying about his marriage, but if she never actually indicated, directly, that she didn’t want to talk, there’s at least a little blame there.  Of course, if I were talking to someone who constantly used their phone or laptop (as she must have done to tweet so much) I would get the hint pretty quick.

What do you think, dear readers?

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