Hey! Do you have enough sharp and/or pointy things?

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It's not a pyramid, it's direct sales.

After quitting facebook last week, Chicago writer Mason Johnson explains:

My friends list is nearly unrecognizable. Which also makes me paranoid. For tumblr, I specifically want to follow people I don’t really know that well so I can read and see things that might be unfamiliar. For facebook, I want to post stupid comments on pictures of my friends, and have my friends post stupid comments on mine. I don’t want someone I don’t really know to post comments on pictures of me and my girlfriend with our family though. I like keeping my personal life personal.

I think I have to relearn how to use facebook. I don’t want to create two accounts, one for “real” friends and one to promote/take in writing and events—I’m too lazy. I think I’ll eventually come back, but I just won’t involve my personal life in the account at all.

I’m very tired today. (“why are you quitting facebook?“)

Johnson’s experience summarizes the danger Planet Money worried about in their recent episode on FB: when people begin using two separate accounts, or just making an account for marketing only, they’ve lost.

A buddy of mine went to a seminar one summer to consider a job as a door-to-door knife salesman.  He said the whole pitch about how to sell knives was essentially “get your friends and family to buy them.”  Facebook makes us all door-to-door knife salesmen.

One thought on “Hey! Do you have enough sharp and/or pointy things?”

  1. This post sums up so many things that I think on a daily basis. It reminds me of the comparison of FB and Twitter. I forget the exact quote and can’t find it right off, but it’s something like “Facebook is where you find the friends you know but Twitter is where you find the friends you SHOULD know.”

    Mostly, FB makes me stabby. Despite efforts to quit it, I just can’t. It’s so “in” right now to say you’re quitting Facebook, so much so that doing so seems like an attention grab. But I understand why people do it. I also wish there were a way to hide your tweets from a follower without blocking them. I don’t know – I struggle with online exposure. I like it on my own terms.

    I, too, enjoy Tumblr, but I don’t know nearly enough people on there. Which is probably the point. I also don’t post very much on my Tumblr, but maybe that’ll change.

    Clearly, I need to do another blog post on this rather than writing a blog post in the comments section of your blog. 😀

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