May Music Roundup

Each month, I build a playlist of songs downloaded from emusic, newly purchased from other places, or drawn from my current music collection.  At the end of the month, I review that playlist.

Reel Big Fish, fame fortune and fornication Gaelic Storm, Cabbage Tim Minchin, Ready for This?


  • Reel Big Fish, Fame, Fortune, and Fornication: The old ska favorites released this album of covers that’s quite delightful, for my money.  As is usually the case with covers, the songs we’re more familiar with become our favorites.  In this case, I liked “Brown Eyed Girl” and “Won’t Back Down.”  I also liked “Nothing but a Good Time” and the shift in tone of “Talk Dirty to Me.”
  • Gaelic Storm, Cabbage: Another good collection of tunes from Gaelic Storm.  This is definitely one of those bands who occupies a particular niche very well, and they continue to do so.  I like “Space Race” as a song with a slightly different focus than most Irish songs.  “Green Eyes, Red Hair” tells a saucy story of a devil woman. “Rum Runners” is an entertaining bit of revolution against meddling politicians who get in the way of “something we really enjoy.”
  • Tim Minchin, Ready for This selected songs: “Song for Phil Daost” is an amusing retort to a mean review from the Guardian, “White Wine in the Sun” is a lovely paean to the secular experience of Christmas, “Storm” is a nine-minute beat poem about fuzzy thinking,   More of the same, by which I mean excellent stuff.

Sean Kingston Cake, Motorcade of Generosity Coconut Records, Davy

Other new music:

  • Coconut Records, Davy: I got this album as part of a package deal and only in researching for this post did I realize it was Jason Schwartzman’s music project.  I like the music, it’s indie pop with light guitar and solid harmonized vocalization, with eccentric keyboards and sounds dancing around.  I particularly like “Any Fun,” “Drummer,” “Saint Jerome,” and “Wandering Around.”  The light and breezy “The Summer” also has a solid hook and kooky popping noises.  Really, I like the whole album.

Old Music:

  • Sean Kingston, Sean Kingston: I bought this album a  couple years ago because of its super-catchy “Beautiful Girls,” which holds up well.  But there are several other good songs.  The title track “Kingston” has a really solid hook, “Got No Shorty” is an amusing meditation on the bachelor life, and “Your Sister” is a funny bit about a guy who finds he likes his girlfriend’s sister better than he likes her.  I don’t find the slow songs quite as good, but overall it’s pretty enjoyable.
  • Cake, Motorcade of Generosity: Cake’s first album, which you probably know from the song “Rock N’ Roll Lifestyle,” was out of circulation for me for a while.  It holds up well, full of gems that are too familiar for me to pick one or two I like best.  That said, I really like “I Bombed Korea” for its poetry and “Jolene” for its earnestness.


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  1. A friend of mine is a pretty big Cake fan. A few years back, he sent me the track “Jolene.” Imagine my disappointment when I found out it was NOT a Dolly Parton cover. Still, a pretty good song.

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