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2012-07-01 Tweets

  • My memories of Dallas involve playing Hot Wheels on the floor while my mom watched it. I suspect my kids will remember #Columbo that way. #
  • so true. #
  • Upcoming double reviews, easy pairing would be Madagascar 3 + Brave, Inglourious Basterds + Dr. Bell & Mr. Doyle. I'll take the hard way. #
  • Kids playing w/ action figures. Finn: what's your name? Avery: Call me Smarty. Finn: I called you, Smarty. Avery: I left my phone at home. #
  • Nailed it. #
  • @NPRAskMeAnother @jonathancoulton Missed opportunity! Should have followed sports quiz with "Kenesaw Mountain Landis." Great Show anyway. in reply to NPRAskMeAnother #
  • On my way out of Prometheus, heard a dad telling his son the plot of Alien. Kids today. #
  • Saw Inglourious Basterds recently. Col Landa's friendly style, ready smile, and obsequious manners make me think of him as an evil Columbo. #
  • Hey emusic! Thanks for the $10 loyal customer credit! #
  • 642 words today. My literary butt's draggin this week. #750words #
  • This isn't exactly how I wrote it up, but the idea gets across: #
  • Spooky! Last week I read a book about the Mona Lisa theft, and this week I start a playlist that includes a song called "Mona Lisa" #
  • Thanks to Chewie for this. Otters who look like Benedict Cumberbatch. #
  • Mason's nice little essay on racism and greens. #
  • Laugh of the day. People upset about Obamacare decision saying they're going to Move to Canada. #
  • Someone writing about privilege used the phrase "we're not all Mitt Romneys." I think it should be "Mitts Romney." Sounds cooler. #
  • 791 words today. Finished initial drafting of Chap 5. Lots to do yet, but began filing in holes today. #750words #
  • #WeirdCoincidence Shortly after watching #Columbo "Sex and the Married Detective" also saw Lindsay Crouse in "Indian in the Cupboard." #
  • Weird, Steve Coogan plays tiny living military figurine in TWO movies: "Indian in the Cupboard" & "Night at the Museum" (okay three, NatM2) #
  • Watched ep 1 of Newsroom during lunch. Man I missed Aaron Sorkin TV. #HellzYeah #
  • Mason asks "Anyone have any Weed Wolf pictures I can use?" Alas WW makes graffiti. I imagined a cannabis lyncanthrope. #
  • Just deleted Comedy Central's "Joke of the Day" gadget since the joke hadn't changed in months. Should have been called "Joke of that Day." #
  • 1089 words of fiction today. Good start for a lovely Sunday. #750words #
  • My 3yo son Finn is sounding like a 1920s gangster today. He's twice said "I didn't say nothin!" Just waiting for the wry "Nya." #

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