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Digital Sextant : 2012-07-08 Tweets
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2012-07-08 Tweets

  • A video by one of my students. Starring another one of my students. Dark, but quality. http://t.co/BhP7YIVd #
  • Parenting joy: taught Avery to use library catalog to look up nonfiction subject today. Her eyes popped at all the books on "Animals." #
  • Me: Can you take one of these bottles in for me? Want the mustard or the ketchup? Finn: Both. That whys I have two hands. #
  • Avery picked Social Distortion and more Rolling Stones for her recent iPod update. Rejected She & Him as not rock and roll enough. #
  • So THAT's why Phil claims to be a God in GROUNDHOG DAY. http://t.co/NuNsVk1q #
  • Only 450 words this morning, but am still doing fill in, so that's not so bad. #750words #
  • You said it. "Why wouldn't you want to know something you didn't know a moment before? I don't get it." http://t.co/6cYi8ozD #
  • On her way to a play date with friend Ian, Avery insists on painting her nails (hot pink) so she'll "look pretty." Lord help us. #
  • Going to Comic-con? Stop by SmartPop books, publisher of TRIUMPH OF THE WALKING DEAD http://t.co/WoNARkg3 #
  • Fiction this evening, the project I'm doing with Jenny. 1272 words. #750words #
  • @DennisJerz "Cupcake Fiend" sounds like a monster from a Candyland RPG. "Your licorice +2 has no effect on the Frosted Cupcake Fiend." in reply to DennisJerz #
  • http://t.co/KAcyRiKc down on the 4th of July. I suspect they got DDOS'd, by PATRIOTISM. #
  • Rereading the Declaration of Independence, I'd forgotten about the race-baiting "Indian Savages" at the end of the List of Oppressions. Ugh. #
  • King called legislative mtngs "at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant" to "fatigue them into compliance…." Punishment by commute. #
  • Don't just walk away: "respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation." #
  • He said it. http://t.co/imv1FgHH #
  • At Forest Park fireworks, kids going bonkers on cotton candy high. #
  • Jenny points me to this great article about why teaching to the test, and US pub ed in general, needs a huge makeover. http://t.co/YIDTaUns #
  • Ken at Popehat: Portraying criticism—even wrong-headed criticism—as "totalitarian" is a whine that is not worthy of our respect." #
  • Finn follows suit. ChEEEEEse! http://t.co/A7bup7p3 #
  • Surly shopkeep: At the kids' museum, Avery dons a grocer's smock, sits behind the till, and growls "This store is BACK IN BUSINESS." #
  • Also, Shoe Carnival earned its name today, as I got $160 worth of shoes for $50. Should last till 2014. #
  • Beginning of #Columbo ep "Grand Deceptions" reminds me of crazy hotelier from #TwinPeaks #
  • #Columbo ep "Grand Deceptions" includes Grumpy from NBC's "Once" in a walk-on part as a militiaman anarchist. Also grumpy. #TypeCast #
  • Any Tweeps going to Comic-con? Stop by ChetArt's booth! http://t.co/2cIMXXmM #
  • Bret: I think her name was Brabara. Jemain: Her name was Barbara. B: It was Brabara. J: It was Barbara. There's no such name as Brabara. #
  • 795 words of fiction this morning, about the same last night. #750words #
  • What the heck, Firefox spellcheck? You know 'cockatrice' but no 'cockatiel'? Learn your real birds before you waste time on myths! #
  • Checked out standard MTV's "Silent Library" last night. Couldn't bear even ten minutes. I guess once you're 35 they revoke your MTV card. #

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