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2012-07-15 Tweets

  • Turns out cheesy Wild West Towns are really fun with little kids. Extra bonus, saying "Howdy, Marshall" in the Ice Cream Parlour. #
  • Jesse Eisenberg voiced the nervous platform inspector in ep 1 of THE NEWSROOM. These are the things that distract me at 5:43am. #HaIKnewIt #
  • Ha ha ha! I was just invited to add a photo to an hilarious Flickr group: "Dating is Boring." #
  • I hereby love the new XKCD physics blog "what if." #
  • 788 words yesterday, fiction. #750words #
  • Busy next three days: picnic, meeting, game session, book club. All fun. #
  • A student of mine has launched a videogame review site. Concise and interesting. Check it out: #
  • Perfect night for a picnic. Let's Go TOPS! #
  • 987 words of nonfiction today. Finally, after a busy week and a half, I'm moving forward again. #750words #
  • Also, wrote 763 words of fiction last night. #750words #
  • #SmallDelights Saw a tourist shooting vid of the el from a car on I-290. Waved at him. He grinned huge and pointed me out to his carmates. #
  • 160 words of fiction tonight. Every little bit helps, I guess. #750words #
  • Charlie Stross explains Scrivener, which I coincidentally am using for both my current academic book project and novel project. #
  • Hey @jamusa! Social Distortion giveaway has diff dates on the form and the rules. Can I win for ACTUALLY reading them? #
  • Weird. Adobe Acrobat's spellcheck didn't know the word 'conflating.' #
  • 856 words of fiction this evening. Trucking along! #750words #
  • A Kozma: Horror is only interesting to me for the beauty it reveals. And beauty is only as interesting as the world it stands out against. #
  • Weird how details stay in memory. I recalled a mask in BONESHAKER as squid-like, a friend thought it was horse-like. Turns out it was both. #
  • 1126 fiction words this evening. #750words #
  • It's a good day when you can legitimately recommend FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF to a student doing research for your class. #
  • A whole bunch of kickass female characters. And Bella. #
  • The tenuous balance of children playing nicely together makes the house feel like a Jenga tower. If I get up to get coffee, will it tumble? #
  • @MasonJohnson14 I did not see the Dreamcatcher movie. in reply to MasonJohnson14 #
  • @zachwhalen "I finally finished uploading all of my dept's assessment data." Wikileaks can't hide you when you out yourself like this, Zach. in reply to zachwhalen #
  • Another 1181 fiction words on the project I'm doing with Jenny. That's just over 15k words of a 75-80k goal. Whee. #

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