2012-07-22 Tweets

  • Don't know what's happening on the television, but just heard Avery say "Now THAT'S what I call some BAD DRIVING." #
  • Avery won card game "Zeus on the Loose" from the @forestparkreads library reading program. Played it tonight. SO FUN! #LoveMyLibrary #
  • Worst. Night's. Sleep. Ever. Gonna be a long day. #
  • @MasonJohnson14 I know I'm not #AltLit because I don't know whether 'babby' is a typo or hipster slang. http://t.co/stgbJAGr #
  • (via @Loweringthebar) Permission denied for a flyby denied, Maverick. http://t.co/UKZhO29G #
  • @venkat275 "I will get you 2000 Unique twitter followers…" That's all well and good, but how about 2000 Mo'Nique followers? @moworldwide in reply to venkat275 #
  • 1084 fiction words tonight. #750words #
  • Avery the budding skeptic: "I don't think it's true that St Patrick sent the snakes out of Ireland because snakes don't listen to people." #
  • Upon investigating what she thought was "cat poop on the basement floor," Avery grabs a paper towel and informs me "It's just barf, Dad." #
  • Me: "Swimming 200s sounds tiring to me." Avery: "They're easy. Actually, if you haven't swum all day, a 200 is refreshing." #
  • 979 words of fiction tonight. #750words #
  • Hey fingers! Stop typing my name as 'Berdan' or 'Brednan' or 'Brenadn.' Who knows how often I don't notice the typos. Sincerely, my brain. #
  • Lunch at Red Robin, watching Finn "play" a video game by spinning the steering wheel during demo screen. Had forgotten kids fall for that. #
  • Me: "Do you think you'll be friends when you grow up?" Avery: "We're brother and sister. We can't be FRIENDS." #
  • Me, seeing Avery chewing on half a citrus fruit: "Why are you eating a lemon?" Avery: "Grandma said I could." #KidsAreWeird #
  • Discussing an amusement-park game she's been playing, Avery said: "I'm out of money, so I can't build anything in Roller Coaster Toucan." #
  • At mpls Lake Harriet to watch Jenny swim 2.5km. Go! Go! Go! Also, she won an award: Farthest traveled to swim the event. #
  • Jenny takes first in her age group! 2.5km of kickass! #

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