2012-07-29 Tweets

  • Does it drive anyone else crazy that "Gotye" is go-tee-yay instead of "got ya"? #
  • Re: the @mythbusters episode where they find that you can't walk in a straight line if blindfolded — I wonder if blind people can. #
  • Can't stop laughing at this line from FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS: "The day after my birthday isn't my birthday, Mum." #TooFunny #
  • Some gorram bot has started signing spams with my email address. My inbox is filling up with DELIVERY FAILED messages. DAMMIT. #
  • 878 words of fiction tonight. Back on target. #
  • Note to self: get towels from the dryer next time before you shower.. Child's pirate blanket is inadequate yardage to dry adult body. #
  • Integrating the fall 2012 "save the dates" for faculty meetings and whatnot into my calendar. So it begins. #
  • Cat racism: Our orange cat has ditched our gray tabby to hang out with two visiting orange cats. Gray cat sits alone on the back porch. #
  • Listening to My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, just caught a DAY OF THE DEAD sample at the start of a song. Nice. #
  • Did I mention that "Empty Cans" by The Streets is an absolutely amazing song? I love the chord progressions that raise your soul up. #
  • 806 words tonight. Finished RD of Chapter 7 (out of 24) #750words #

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