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On genre fiction, self-publishing, and the Internets

So I’ve mentioned on Twitter (and elsewhere) that Jenny and I are working on a fiction project.  The novel is an historical mystery with a slight paranormal element, aimed at the market who enjoy Victoria Thompson’s Gaslight series.  Right now, we’re not so interested in trying to find a traditional publishing venue, but are trying to think about ways we can get the book out there for people to enjoy once it’s done (we’ve only drafted about 15%, so I may be putting the cart before the finished manuscript).

I’ve considered doing a blog with thrice-weekly posts (or even daily posts?) of 500 or 1000 words, with a pdf of the released content available for free or a pdf of the whole book available for a nominal fee.  I’m interested in the ebook market (like for the kindle) but I’m NOT keen on the Amazon DRM model, so I wouldn’t do that if we were forced to make the book exclusive to that platform.  I’m also interested to set up a Lulu (or similar) POD solution if people want a hard copy.

In my more aggressive ideas, I thought about Timothy Fenriss’ method for choosing the title of his bestseller THE FOUR HOUR WORK WEEK, which was to buy google adspace ads with different titles and track how well each one drives readers to his page.

We’ll also need a few folks to take a look at the mostly done manuscript to identify flaws and gaps.  Of course, we have some folks already, but we’re particularly keen to get it in front of readers who fit the book’s demographic.

What other methods do you think might be a good way to get eyeballs on our writing?

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