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Quick bullets from my trip to Minnesota

Between Thursday 19 July and Wednesday 25 July, we took a trip to Minnesota for a couple events and to see my family.  A few observations:

  • I thought I had the blog all set up to run on autopilot, but I let you down with no new content on Monday.  My apologies, Dear Reader.
  • I spent a little time in a pool during three of the four days I hung out with my kids.   The two-plus hours in the pool at my aunt and uncle’s house was the best — Finn is getting to be quite the swimmer.
  • Got to watch Jenny kick ass in a 2.5km open water swim on Lake Harriet.  Pretty cool, it was.  I took lots of pics but haven’t sorted them yet.
  • Attended a wedding of my good friend Mike and his bride, Deb.  Good to catch up with old friends. Well done, you too.
  • Went to a birthday dinner for my aunt — Happy birthday, Jeanne!
  • Two nights at a B&B while the kids hung out with grandma.  Great to get away for a couple days and remember what it’s like not to have to urge your table-mates to eat their food and/or use their inside voices.
  • While in Red Wing, I learned a fascinating story about the Sea Wing disaster, in which a steamboat capsized, which resulted in 98 deaths, mostly of women and children who had been put inside the cabin to keep them dry and safe.
  • Also, saw The Dark Knight RisesLoved it.
  • Came back via a night drive from 6:00pm to 12:45am Thursday morning.  Couldn’t get to sleep, and then got to nurse Avery through three middle-of-the-night throw ups, probably from too many Skittles and/or the sugary “Bug Juice” she drank during our only stop on the drive.

Overall, a lovely trip home.  Back to the grindstone.

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