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{ Monthly Archives } August 2012

Preparing for a road trip

I will be spending Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on the road, helping my sister-in-law and her family complete their move to the suburbs of Orlando.  They already sent a moving truck full of stuff, but we have two van loads, two cats, and a newborn to bring along.  The van I’ll be driving, along with […]

Artisanal … everything

On the always-awesome Judge John Hodgman podcast, his Honor often uses the adjective artisanal to send up the hipster DIY crafty local home-made home-brewed grow local trend that results in all sorts of strange representations of craft as quality. When Alan Turing proposed the test to determine if a machine is intelligent, he suggested that […]

This is an Altbewahrtes System!

I really have no idea what this thing is.  Any German speakers there have an idea?

The Middle Temple Murder

by J. S. Fletcher; narrated by various Librivox readers When Spargo, the reporter for the Watchman, happens upon a man who has just found a dead body, he stumbles into a shocking story of murder and intrigue in the heart of the wealthy (and presumed safe) Middle Temple neighborhood.  A few thoughts: Unlike a lot […]

My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend has been Taken!

I use the semi-random sorting method of “the last two movies I watched” to decide what I should write about in my double reviews.  I find that forcing myself to consider two movies as though they were intended to be viewed together makes for interesting insight about storytelling and movie making as a whole.  That […]

2012-08-26 Tweets

Started reading _Where the Sidewalk Ends_ 3 poems per night with Finn. Nostalgic and delightful. # Watching a help video, the narrator just called the manilla folder icon 'a lovely yellow suitcase.' # New ginger beer. Fentiman's. Not such a strong flavor, but powerful ginger. http://t.co/QRh1N6Rx # Should the President of the United States imply […]

Susan Swayne and the Bewildered Bride

Babes with Blades Theatre Company When sophisticated lady detective Susan Swayne finds a distraught woman lamenting her ill use at the hands of Susan’s rival, it seems like a fait accompli to use these new developments to unmask Kate for what she is.  But things quickly get very complicated, leading to exposed jealousies, vicious betrayals, […]

The Big Burn

The Big Burn: Teddy Roosevelt and the Fire that Saved America By Timothy Egan; narrated by Robertson Dean Egan’s new exhaustive history tells two stories.  It opens and closes with an enormous forest fire that swept big portions of Washington, Idaho, and Montana, using the tale of that fire as a framing device through which […]

The Connecticut Problem

[youtube:http://youtu.be/EN2m5x4djaE?t=1m33s] In the age of the Internet, the obligation not to write something stupid rises dramatically. I’ve decided to call this the Connecticut Problem. (I started writing this post because I thought Lawrence Block had gotten the question of Kipling’s anti-Semitism wrong, but the issue may not be as simply resolved as I’d originally hoped.  […]

G German Germeson

I suspect this man to be the German version of the newspaper editor who hates Spider-Man.

The Trials of Rumpole

By John Mortimer; narrated by Leo McKern Rumpole is a grumpy but quick-witted old barrister who defends clients mostly accused of petty crime, though sometimes accused of much worse.  He does so with a wry grin and a glass of port to follow.  A few thoughts: It’s weird to learn that John Mortimer’s Rumpole books […]

This semester’s text books

I’m teaching three classes this semester, Writing for New Media, Detective Fiction, and Game Culture.  This is going to be a rollicking good time.  Here are the books we’re reading. New Media The Medium is the Massage by Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore Ginko Press ISBN: 1584230703 (link to Amazon) Cognitive Surplus by Clay Shirky […]

2012-08-19 Tweets

Back working on nonfiction this week: 797 words today. In last few weeks, Jenny and I have also hit 39,800 words on our novel. #750words # Don't mess with Firefly. http://t.co/FnyERv3J # Lots of great Dark Knight Rises humor, spoilery. http://t.co/SfPSHakX # Doing a difficult super quiz this am, Avery laughingly claims "I guessed Marnie […]

The Body in the Gallery

by Katherine Hall Page When caterer Faith Fairchild takes a job at a local art museum to help her friend find out who swiped a valuable painting, she never suspected she would end up in the midst of a murder inquiry.  But who could have imagined there would be a Body in the Gallery?  A […]

Thoughts on the circus

Last night we drove to St. Charles, home of the always-enjoyable Scarecrow festival, to see the Piccadilly Circus on the Kane County Fairgrounds.  Jenny called it an “old fashioned circus,” by which she meant it embodied all the aspects of circus tradition that you’d expect without all the whiz and bang of the Ringling Bros […]