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{ Monthly Archives } September 2012

2012-09-30 Tweets

@mark_bousquet Sure thing! in reply to mark_bousquet # Lesson from today @unitytempleuuc "A real apology takes responsibility for the past and charge of the future." # We should remember that what's not right in our strained or broken relationships is often something that's been left unsaid. @unitytempleuuc # Kids are staying warm running around, but […]

August/September Comics Roundup

Kill Shakespeare, Vol 1 by Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery Like Fables or The Unwritten, Del Col and McCreery build a world where figures from literature act on their own, with their own plotlines.  In this world, the real Danish prince is sucked through a vortex to a world where all the characters from […]

Friday bullets

A few upcoming events I’m very excited to attend: October 4th, Chris Ware will talk about and sign his new book, Building Stories, at Unity Temple. I like his work a lot, and Entertainment Weekly gave this one an A+ October 12-14, Midwest PCA/ACA conference in Columbus December 16th, Of Monsters and Men, Riviera Theater […]

Doing Illegal Things Badly

Burke and Hare and 30 Minutes or Less Burke and Hare is the latest of the regular re-tellings of the real and amusing tale of two bumbling business men who turn to murder in order to meet the corpse needs of the royal Edinburgh Medical College.  30 Minutes or Less tells the tale of a […]

Well that was unexpected

Check out the bottom left option in this “related to I Sell the Dead” screen.  Weird, eh? I suspect all Chaz Palmenteri or Drea de Matteo films end up in the zombie list, just because.

Ya look beautiful, baby!

A Princess of Mars

by Edgar Rice Burroughs, read by Mark Nelson for Librivox Edgar Rice Burroughs fantasy story about the adventures of Captain John Carter (of Virginia) among the six-limbed people of Mars is a rousing adventure in the old style, with tales of derring-do, sword fights, honor, and villainy.  Carter, succombing to a wound in a mystical […]

Rating inflation

I’ve noticed that Goodreads and Amazon have different rating scales despite sharing a five-star system.  To whit, here are the pop ups on the two ratings systems: I notice this discrepancy every time I cross post a review on both systems.  I post Goodreads reviews because I like the social element of them, and I […]

2012-09-23 Tweets

At wonder Works children's museum with the kids. One hour of ebook reading, here I come. Today it's Carnacki the ghost hunter. # Salon has a good article about the CPS teachers' strike. http://t.co/omoCLnHW # OED Word of the day a lame duck. Quadrigarious: of or connected to chariot racing. Like there's anybody who doesn't […]

Gunfighter Gothic Volume 0: Blood of the Universe

by Mark Bousquet I like Mark Bousquet’s film reviews an awful lot.  It’s always a sign of a thoughtful reviewer when I find myself agreeing with their commentary about a film even as I disagree about whether one should like it or not.  He’s an incisive, insightful writer.  With that in mind, I was very […]

The coming wave of consumer-created media

My friend Rolfe reminded me of a good exchange about copyright that I encourage you all to read.  Three key posts: It started with Emily White’s post at the NPR All Things Considered blog: But the truth is, I’ve never supported physical music as a consumer. As monumental a role as musicians and albums have […]

The True Mysteries of Inspector Blood Murdoch’s Newsroom

That sounds like a show I’d watch.  I was trying to figure out the best way to write about our summer television viewing, which included three separate shows, when I decided to do a “double review,” but in augmented form.  Here we go, a triple review! True Blood: Season 5 develops its main thread around […]

Dr. Scholls is the one who gives ME the present… of COMFORT.

The Fire-Eaters

by David Almond I listened to this short children’s novel during the epic Labor Day drive to Florida and back. The Fire Eaters follows a few days in the life of Bobby, a British boy who lives in a coal-mining town and has just started at a new school.  The novel takes place during the Cuban […]

Which god do you listen to?

I don’ t know where this post it going.  I suppose the alternate title could be “Random thoughts on evil, Hell, and the religious questions thereabouts.” Also could be “blogging when I should be doing other things.” 1. Constructing Hells In Surface Detail, Iain M. Banks imagines a post-singularity future in which digital upload was […]