Books you missed while I was busy (3) – Comics

Even though I stopped my regular blogging in mid-October, I didn’t stop reading.  I certainly don’t have time to go back and write reviews of all the stuff I read, but I do like to keep track and I know you need to know what I’ve been reading.  So here are some more books I read since mid October when I stopped blogging.


Celluloid Celluloid, by Dave McKean
Lovely art, but a strange foray into erotica that did not work for me.  Had a cool looping narrative in the plot.
The Killer, Volume 3: Modus Vivendi The Killer, Vol 3, by Matz and Jacamon
More of the same.  This time it’s personal.  I don’t think this comic is particularly great, but it’s competently done, so I keep reading it to see where it will go.
Kill Shakespeare, Vol. 2: The Blast of War Kill Shakespeare, Vol 2 by Del Col and McCreery
A pretty solid end to the dramatic tale of the Bard’s characters come to live and fighting one another.  Nothing too surprising in the way the characters act, but having all of Shakespeare’s characters in one world, bringing their motivations from the plays into the single text, works well.
The Secret of the Stone Frog The Secret of the Stone Frog by David Nytra
Nytra’s book is solid, but a bit lighter than I was hoping.  Most similar to the old Windsor McKay Little Nemo comics.
The Underwater Welder The Underwater Welder by Jeff Lemire
I read this on recommendation of BoingBoing, and it’s a solid, well-told story.  Lemire uses the protagonist’s profession as the central place from which to explore the challenges he faces in trying to overcome his traumatic childhood.

I’m looking forward to returning to regular book/review blogging.  Just one more summary post and we’re on our way!

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