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Zombie, Illinois

Zombie, Illinois

Zombie, Illinois

Zombie, Illinois
by Scott Kenemore

When the zombie apocalypse starts in the second city, it’s not just corpses that crawl out of the ground, but the secrets they keep.  This book serves as a kind of partner for his earlier novel, Zombie, Ohio, in that the former was about rural life during the apocalypse and this is about city life.  Kenemore tells the story from three perspectives, each a bit different and each interesting.

  • While the zombies in the novel are entertaining and wonderful, they aren’t the center of the story.  Kenemore uses them as a springboard to write about his real subject, the iniquities and corruptions of the city of Chicago.  The man knows this town and it shows.
  • Kenemore just keeps getting better at developing voices and characters.  The story crackles with action and wit, but doesn’t become campy or full of itself.  A really solid tale.
  • Once again, Kenemore shows his thorough thoughtfulness about the zombie apocalypse in the way he writes about neighhorhoods.  Like Max Brooks before him, Kenemore suggests that the impoverished have had to learn to make a go of it without the support of society around them.  This makes them ideally suited to survive when the dead come knocking.  A basement full of automatic weapons helps too.

For people desiring the all-out zombie terror of a World War Z or Walking Dead, Kenemore’s book may be a bit too light on cannibal corpses.  Nonetheless, it’s a solid read and well worth your time.

Full disclosure — I know Scott Kenemore, and have had him visit my class a few times.


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