Dyson vacuum brush won’t turn

Another in our series of technical posts for specific problems.  Enjoy.

We put vacuum cleaners through the meat grinder over here, what with two cats and a dog and two active children.  Anyhow, our Dyson FancyPants™ vacuum wasn’t working very well, so we went to work on it.  First, we discovered that one of the l-bends in the wand tube could be removed, and found inside a massive clog built up (like a pearl) around a black pen.  Somehow we vacuumed up a pen.  Jeez.

Home exhibition: A vacuum cleaner used as a hair dryer
A sure way to clog your vacuum with hair (Home exhibition: A vacuum cleaner used as a hair dryer)

But the vacuum still wasn’t working in the upright position.  So before we gave up and called a repair person, I googled the problem.  Here’s what I found:

Stand vacuum up and with it plugged in.

Rotate knob between carpet and bare floor and back 5 times leaving it on carpet when finished.

Rotate vacuum back from upright position and lay vacuum on the floor, rotating it onto its side.

Turn vacuum on. (link)

I felt pretty silly following these directions, which read to me like an ancient ritual to appease the Cyclone Cleaner Gods.  But I did it nonetheless, and hot damn if it didn’t work like a charm.

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