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Miscellany for the coming weekend

A few thoughts as we enter the weekend:

  • Two more weeks of Spring semester, which means I’m entering three weeks of grading hell.  Already did a bunch this morning and am almost done for the day, but it won’t let up for a while.
  • Nearly finished some financial reporting I had to get done for the PCA/ACA, so I can take a breather on that end a bit.  After a false start two weeks ago, Monday will begin the death march toward finishing my book.  Goal: end of June, end of manuscript.
  • I don’t have a screen in my office window, and I’m now constantly paranoid that the cat will jump out.  All I need is a cat on the roof.
  • One more week until the OPRF synchronized swimming show.  Anyone in town should absolutely go to that.  That means this week is a blur of busy busy busy time, as Jenny has practices and stuff every evening.
  • Oh, and I have a forty hour trip to DC for a seminar on Friday.  It should be really interesting, but also in the midst of a very busy time.
  • Our bike pump went missing, so I bought a new one the other day.  I’ll be working with the kids to get their bikes ready to ride today.

I hope your weekend goes well.  Mine looks like it will be hectic, but fun.

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