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{ Monthly Archives } July 2013

Does anyone else think this guy looks like William Forsythe?

This month, I searched the Flickr commons for photos with the keyword word “Ocean.”  Here’s what I found. Or Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the Comedian in Watchmen? [ viagra in mexico | buying cialis | dangers of viagra | cheapest viagra | viagra clones | buy online order viagra | indian sildenafil citrate | spain […]

The Lost Continent

The Lost Continent: Travels in Small Town America by Bill Bryson The Lost Continent is one of Bryson’s earlier (or earliest?) travel books, written in the late 1980s by an American ex-pat who returned from Britain to tour around America for two months, driving on back roads and staying in small towns.  The book brims […]

Tweets from 2013-07-22 to 2013-07-28

Tweets from 2013-07-15 to 2013-07-21 10:00:38, 2013-07-22 Sight seeing in Warsaw today. 22:50:02, 2013-07-22 @cstross "the Photography Singularity; 10% of all photos ever taken were taken in the past 12 months…" 20:39:03, 2013-07-23 I hate rush hour commuting 10:02:55, 2013-07-24 Got a little extra time so went into Amsterdam for a few […]

The Rubber Band

The Rubber Band By Nero Wolfe Good ol’ Nero Wolfe, always Johnny-in-the-Brownstone when death comes a’ callin.  The Rubber Band stands with the other Rex Stout novels as a fine entry in the adventures of the most armchair of detectives and his hop-to-it man, Archie Goodwin.  The case begins with a stolen lot of $20,000 […]

Made in America

Made in America: An Informal History of the English Language in the United States by  Bill Bryson Bryson’s book is a compendium of facts and ideas about the English language as it developed in the United States, as viewed through lenses ground out of topics from every corner of American culture.  In some ways, it […]

Sad Robot Stories: A Novella

Sad Robot Stories: a novella by Mason Johnson The title of this novella reads ambiguously.  Is this a collection of stories about a sad robot, or are these sad stories about a robot or robots? As my father used to say–Yes. Johnson’s book follows the adventures of Robot, an outsider among his own kind, as […]

I hate rush hour commuting

This month, I searched the Flickr commons for photos with the keyword word “Ocean.”  Here’s what I found. [ viagra warnings | buy viagra no prescription | cialis alternatives | viagra pill for women | 5 mg original brand cialis | buy cialis professional | viagra label | female viagra uk | discount cialis levitra […]

Tweets from 2013-07-15 to 2013-07-21

Howard University students' video PSA campaign: Do I look suspicious?: 08:25:20, 2013-07-15 Tweets from 2013-07-08 to 2013-07-14 10:00:44, 2013-07-15 Travel Interregnum 10:13:21, 2013-07-15 Ken at Popehat with a powerful piece reflecting on the Zimmerman trial, the media, and acquittals. 11:13:09, 2013-07-15 RT @pourmecoffee: I support Senate reform requiring all filibusters to be […]

Where’s my phonograph?

This month, I searched the Flickr commons for photos with the keyword word “Ocean.”  Here’s what I found. [ online viagra gel to buy | age of viagra users | herbal viagra | how viagra works | zocor alternative viagra | viagra info | viagra suppliers in the uk | viagra mail order uk | […]

Server maintenance

It looks like Dreamhost will be moving my site to a new server in their massive server facility on the moon this Thursday, 18 July.  We’re warned that there may be some slow-time or down-time as the move happens. You’ve been warned. [ buy viagra germany canadian meds | real cialis | buy viagra germany […]

Travel Interregnum

In case you haven’t been keeping up with my occasional tweets and have visited this blog, daily, gasping at its unprofessional lack of new content, I’ll spell it out for you — we’ve got a lot of travel going on this month.  We took a long road trip in the first half of the month, […]

Tweets from 2013-07-08 to 2013-07-14

Tweets from 2013-07-01 to 2013-07-07 10:01:39, 2013-07-08 Banff National park in Canada has very few wifi access points because grizzly bears keep eating the towers. #FakeTravelFacts 16:02:25, 2013-07-09 @bjcolangelo Check out the #GarfunkelAndOates song "Pregnant Women Are Smug." in reply to bjcolangelo 16:06:49, 2013-07-09 @michaeljnelson My stoner college roommate referred to Bill Paxton as […]

Seating in coach is just getting ridiculous

This month, I searched the Flickr commons for photos with the keyword word “Ocean.”  Here’s what I found. [ sildenafil citrate tablets | viagra generic availability india | cheap viagra online | how to buy viagra | buy viagra now | brand viagra professional | effects of viagra | overnight delivery cialis | generic viagra […]

Tweets from 2013-07-01 to 2013-07-07

Tweets from 2013-06-24 to 2013-06-30 10:01:04, 2013-07-01 The smartest and quietest guy in the room: Now You See Me & World War Z 10:06:28, 2013-07-01 Boseman Montana, known for a superhero whose power is to pay high fidelity music from surprisingly small speakers. #FakeTravelFacts 10:08:46, 2013-07-02 If I were in charge: how I […]

“Get there early,” they said. “It will be hard to find a seat,” they said.

This month, I searched the Flickr commons for photos with the keyword word “Ocean.”  Here’s what I found. [ pfizer viagra 50 mg | generic viagra soft tabs | super viagra | free viagra | cialis okay for women | viagra and lisinopril | buying viagra in the us | viagra success stories | viagra […]