Pardon the Intrusion: one more test

Pardon My Intrusion
“Pardon My Intrusion” posted by noirnoirnoir

So my last test failed, in that my posts are still showing up twice on my Facebook feed.  But I figured out why.

Before Jetpack was installed, I had used TwitterTools to post my blog posts on Twitter.  At some point Twitter Tools updated so that it used “Social” to post to Twitter.

Of course, when Jetpack came along, I started using that to post to Twitter and to Facebook, and so suddenly I was posting to Facebook twice each time I posted a blog post.

I disconnected Social and thought I’d solved the problem.  But when I tested it, I discovered I still had a problem.

Double Post

Here’s what was happening:

1. New Blog post.

2. Jetpack posts an announcement about the post to Twitter and Facebook.

3. TwitterTools makes a blog post with a URL reflecting the new Twitter post.  This new URL is NOT added to my main blog feed.

4. But TwitterTools then ALSO posts the link about the new Twitter post to Facebook.

Of course, I may be wrong, in which case this post will also double post.  We shall see.

Update: So the problem is that I have a setup where all my Tweets ALSO go to my timeline.  Thus, when my WordPress posts appear on Twitter, they’re sent to Facebook a second time.  So I could disable the WordPress -> Twitter feed, but I get a fair amount of traffic from Twitter, so I want my blog posts to appear there.  I’ll have to ponder this problem more.

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