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{ Monthly Archives } October 2013

Happy Halloween!

  It’s gonna be fun around our place today!  We’ve got trick or treating and all kinds of goodness.  I will be visiting a class of sixth graders to talk about zombies, and if things go as planned, you should be able to see me on the 10:00pm news on CBS 2 news in Chicago […]

Tweets from 2013-10-20 to 2013-10-26

Tweets from 2013-10-13 to 2013-10-19 http://t.co/tnghTxnCej 09:59:16, 2013-10-20 Changing the story: on plot moments that rewrite a series http://t.co/eKFQth8iyv 10:19:25, 2013-10-23 RT @ericnewsom: ATTN: @digital_sextant http://t.co/grZeOODBZA 10:30:50, 2013-10-24 This — http://t.co/aDqvIUS39i — is very smart. #CivilLiberties Yay @popehat. 11:08:59, 2013-10-24 #SpitTake Officer who sprayed pepper spray in college students' faces awarded $38k in workers' comp. […]

Changing the story: on plot moments that rewrite a series

Spoiler alert This week’s episode of Castle had the usual formula for the non-serious episodes of the show: murder, something funny or weird is discovered, Castle imagines a bunch of amusing plots, it all works out in the end.  The amusing plot this time around was time travel.  Quick plot summary: Joshua Gomez (Morgan from […]

Tweets from 2013-10-13 to 2013-10-19

Tweets from 2013-10-06 to 2013-10-12 http://t.co/rmyUXwG4s0 09:58:47, 2013-10-13 Just about to give my talk called WHY YOU SHOULD CARE ABOUT THE WALKING DEAD at the Palatine public library. 15:43:34, 2013-10-15 A friend was pushing her 4yo in a stroller. When I waved, the little girl promptly pulled the bonnet forward to hide herself. #snubbed 05:15:43, […]

Gave a talk, still overwhelmed!

Greetings, dear readers.  In the past ten days I’ve accomplished five of the seven big things I needed to do: Grade New Media projects Give my talk on COLUMBO at MPCA Write and give the MPCA Pub Quiz Attend MPCA/ACA Finish and give my talk at the Palatine Public Library   Finish gathering and send […]

Dividend on Death

Tweets from 2013-10-06 to 2013-10-12

Tweets from 2013-09-29 to 2013-10-05 http://t.co/ozSnujBOM5 09:58:52, 2013-10-06 @pbooth81 OMG 106. I assume this is exciting. #DrWho http://t.co/3jrygZgtVr 04:02:35, 2013-10-07 Talkin' Scooby Doo at work, mentioned that @MindyCohn is the voice of Velma. Now #FactsOfLife theme is stuck in my head. #DamnYouMrsGarrett 06:18:09, 2013-10-07 The Elderly and the Living Dead http://t.co/Q47DNSjCfC 10:31:29, 2013-10-07 Holy #VeryLoudExpletive! […]

In a Deadly Vein


I have the Midwest PCA conference this weekend, and between now and then I have to do a whole bunch of stuff.  The long and short of it is that I won’t be updating this blog until next week. In the meantime, please watch my Twitter feed for regular updates.  I’ll see you next week!

The Elderly and the Living Dead

Three nodes: 1. On the British sitcom Father Ted a schmaltzy singer who is very popular with the elderly shows up in the town, and the oldsters from town find out.  Very quickly, it turns into a zombie siege.  The name of the episode is “Night of the Nearly Dead.”  In this clip, the zombie […]

Tweets from 2013-09-29 to 2013-10-05

Tweets from 2013-09-22 to 2013-09-28 http://t.co/3TbO73Fwiw 09:59:42, 2013-09-29 "@bekdale: what I wouldn't give to have her finally fall asleep…" This book works wonders. http://t.co/IF03mfDQJl 16:48:56, 2013-09-29 Wow! Train collision on blue line in Forest Park. Here's hoping nobody died. Head-on collision on North side of the tracks. 05:54:27, 2013-09-30 ABC news said Westbound train hit […]

Comics roundup: Nemo’s daughter, a cross-breed alien baby, a man of stone, and six bedeviled guns

A brief roundup of the comics I read in August and September (and the first couple days of October):    Nemo: Heart of ice – Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill Moore and O’Neill’s side story about Captain Nemo’s daughter is a refreshing addition to the League world.  The art continues in its spindly glory, with […]

Privilege and humor – Whose experience is being mocked?

There’s been quite a bit of commentary lately about privilege.  It’s a concept that finally seems to have some mainstream bite, and deserves serious consideration. In case this is new to you, the basic idea of privilege in this context is the idea that different people have different experiences in society because of factors outside […]

I just can’t love you… because of HER! (Piccolo theater’s hilarious production of THE MYSTERY OF IRMA VEP)

Jenny and I went to see the Piccolo theatre’s comedic romp The Mystery of Irma Vep last weekend, and boy was it a blast.  The play loosely follows the tale of a troubled Lord, his new bride, the crusty housekeeper, and the jaunty groundskeeper.  The central plot is Rebecca, with healthy doses of Wuthering Heights and […]

Blood on Biscayne Bay