Gave a talk, still overwhelmed!

A man on a car, beseiged by zombies (from La Horde)
You tasks shall not overwhelm me!

Greetings, dear readers.  In the past ten days I’ve accomplished five of the seven big things I needed to do:

  • Grade New Media projects
  • Give my talk on COLUMBO at MPCA
  • Write and give the MPCA Pub Quiz
  • Attend MPCA/ACA
  • Finish and give my talk at the Palatine Public Library


  • Finish gathering and send PCA Audit documents
  • Compose draft of PCA budget for 2013-14 FY

Those last two will be finished today or tomorrow.  Then I can take a breath and perhaps resume blogging.  In the meantime, I presented a talk at the Palatine Public Library Tuesday called “Zombies! Why You Should Care About the Walking Dead.” It was well received and enjoyable, so that was nice.

Zombies! in Palatine
Zombies! in Palatine


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