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{ Monthly Archives } September 2014

September Music Roundup: Primus, J. Mascis, and More!

It’s been a long time since I posted a music roundup.  The idea of this post is to write a bit about the music I listened to this month.  Sometime halfway through the month or so, I’ll do a catch-up post from a previous month. “So Long Honeybee, Goodbye,” by Pokey LaFarge and the South […]

Covering old ground – Zero Theorem and The Incredible Hulk

Terry Gilliam’s Zero Theorem tells the tale of an idiosyncratic office drone working a data analysis job in the cyberpunk, blade-runner future of the city we first met in Brazil. (Not technically, but aesthetically.)  Not satisfied with the normal things that drive the other drones in his world, Qohen spends his time waiting for a […]

Tweets from 2014-09-21 to 2014-09-27

Tweets from 2014-09-14 to 2014-09-20 10:00:37, 2014-09-21 On Voices 7 – these are the audio-book readers I know, I know 12:51:40, 2014-09-22 A snapshot of life in college 04:34:03, 2014-09-23 "Yeah! Exactly! Margaret Atwood!" #JJGo @Jordan_Morris @elizaskinner 07:45:26, 2014-09-23 Great coverage of the nuances regarding photography law. Yay @Popehat 11:12:45, 2014-09-23 Re @primus […]

In search of a regular feature…

Kevin really hates whatever kind of computer this is. (CC by Leondardr) Saturdays are a tough day, blogging-wise.  If I’ve gotten up early, it’s to get some shit done so I can avoid work guilt bothering me when I take time to play the Cones of Dunshire with my kids.  So I don’t want to […]

Comics Roundup: Stray Toasters, Howard Chaykin, Billy the Kid, and a few others

Some comics I’ve read recently: Avengers 1959 – Howard Chaykin’s pre-Avengers avengers tale is a Marvel-centered take on Operation Paperclip (in which the Allies recruited Nazi scientists to help win the cold war).  Nick Fury is enjoyable,and the mix of superheroes works well.  Amusing. Stray Toasters – Absolutely bonkers comic about, well, kidnapping and unrequited […]

Archbishop John Nienstedt should be ashamed of himself.

Archbishop John Nienstedt asked Jaime Moore, the longtime music director for St. Victoria parish in Victoria, MN, to resign after Moore married his longtime same-sex partner.  Nienstedt should be ashamed of himself. We’ve long understood that the Bible is a hot mess of contradictions.  Aside from confusions introduced by its translation into other languages, there […]

Chicago in the springtime

Behold, the hoary fog of Chicago in the springtime.

Using the little grey cells (Murder on the Orient Express)

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie I’d read this book before, of course, many years ago.  As a classic of the genre and one of Christie’s three best/most known (the other two being And Then There Were None and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd) I’d also read about the book, and seen more […]

A snapshot of life in college

I thought this panel perfectly captures the experience of college. Dr strange has it right.  If you’re lucky, there comes a time when you realize you’ve learned it all, and you revel in that fact, and a lizard poses weirdly in front of you.

On Voices 7

An update of the audio book narrators I’ve read since the last On Voices post. Scott Brick – Foundation; In Cold Blood; The Book of Fate; The Great Influenza; Mystic River; Sea of Glory; Isolation Ward; A Stir of Echoes; The Crime Writer; Game of Shadows; Moneyball; Superman: The High-Flying History…; *Bill Bryson – Life […]

Tweets from 2014-09-14 to 2014-09-20

Tweets from 2014-09-07 to 2014-09-13 10:00:25, 2014-09-14 Kicked the kids' butts at #SmallWorld today. Keeps 'em humble. Plus, they usually beat me so this is a rarity. 18:44:00, 2014-09-14 The Spoils of Babylon 11:31:00, 2014-09-15 Nark – where words come from 11:31:48, 2014-09-16 AM scare: shadow crosses my desk through the 3rd-floor window. Imagined […]

Saturday Song for You

I’ve been working my way through Music from Around the World, a collection from The Wayfarers full of Australian songs.  One song is sung to the tune of “Whats’a matter you?” in the tradition of slacker teenager songs like “Get a Job” or “Fight for your Right to Party.”  As far as I can tell, […]

Flash Boys – in case you thought maybe the market wasn’t rigged

Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt by Michael Lewis; narrated by Dylan Baker Flash Boys is two books at once.  First, it’s a fascinating tale about a few different innovators working in the financial markets.  These men spotted an opportunity to create a better wall street, to fix a problem that the market would, hopefully, […]

Throwback – Riddikulus! (on gerrymandering and Chicago politics)

Originally published on 5 November 2011. Sometimes when I think about politics, I feel like Neville standing in front of the Boggart cabinet in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkiban.  But alas, our leaders dressed like ladies would hardly embarrass them. When I was preparing my Open Letter to Congress last week, I looked […]

Supicious Llama

Suspicious Llama is suspicious of you.