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{ Monthly Archives } November 2014

Tweets from 2014-11-23 to 2014-11-29

Tweets from 2014-11-16 to 2014-11-22 http://t.co/g0hgnUj2Rf 10:01:02, 2014-11-23 Comics Roundup: Moon Knight, Lady Sabre, Locke and Key Vol 1 http://t.co/dDxH7t5O2z 05:52:48, 2014-11-24 "@BCADrummer: glad Locke and Key worked for you. It just gets better. Joe Hill (nom de plume) is Stephen King's son" I knew that. 🙂 17:21:58, 2014-11-24 Dispatches from the Age of Electracy: Beguiled […]

The Colorado Kid

The Colorado Kid by Stephen King The Colorado Kid is a crime story and a mystery steeped in place.  Its setting and its storytellers are the crucial ingredient that makes the tale go.  The plot, loosely described, is thus: two veteran journalists in a small town in coastal Maine tell a young journalist about a […]

Dispatches from the Age of Electracy: Beguiled by Spam

As all blog owners do, I regularly clear the spam queue from my blog, rarely giving a second glance to comments so clearly machine generated.  I believe early machine comments with non-advertising contents are designed to build a spambot’s reputation on a site so later they can post SEO click content.  Anyway, yesterday I got […]

Comics Roundup: Moon Knight, Lady Sabre, Locke and Key Vol 1

Moon Knight, Vol 1: From the Dead, by Ellis and Shalvey I always like Warren Ellis’ work.  He brings a jaunty righteousness to his vigilantes that satisfies like a well crafted hamburger.  Delicious but not that good for you.  At the same time, Ellis is at his best when constructing his own worlds and characters.  […]

Tweets from 2014-11-16 to 2014-11-22

Tweets from 2014-11-09 to 2014-11-15 http://t.co/W63pcsm9bF 10:01:38, 2014-11-16 Singing AMAZING GRACE, if you instinctively correct "We've no less days to sing" to "no fewer days to sing," you MIGHT be a grammar pedant. 12:00:06, 2014-11-16 In his tweet on 2 Nov 2014, @natezilla provides trenchant commentary on the blinkered state of modern academe. #TweetReview #AddedtoCV in […]


Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer Annihilation is the first book in a trilogy about the strange.  The premise is delightfully vague — a zone (in the United States?) has become infested with some sort of invading biology that terraforms the land around it, menaces the people living there, and brings the strange in high doses.  Into […]

How cold was it?

It’s pretty darn cold in Chicagoland this week.  It’s not like the Minnesota of my childhood, but still. I remember walking outside in those Minnesota winters, puffing up into the air like a train. As to whether I still do that on the days when my breath condenses in Chicago’s early morning sun? NO COMMENT.

Dispatches from the Age of Electracy: I Zombify Myself to Teach About Zombies

A couple weeks ago, I was invited to Skype in to the Crane River Theater company’s zombie run training session to provide a little information for the zombie participants there.  I wasn’t able to do it live, so I sent them a 15 minute video to show instead.  They recently sent me a thank you […]

Dad is Fat

Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan Jim Gaffigan is funny.  If you didn’t know that, get thee to Netflix! Gaffigan’s book, Dad is Fat, explores the weird, wild world of the father of five who lives in a two-bedroom apartment in New York City with his apparently amazing wife.  It’s a funny book full of […]

Tweets from 2014-11-09 to 2014-11-15

Tweets from 2014-11-02 to 2014-11-08 http://t.co/bMnmEUrzc9 10:00:35, 2014-11-09 Loved this from @JimGaffigan #DadIsFat "Whoever thought up the phrase 'Terrible Twos' must have felt pretty dumb when his kid turned three." 19:22:16, 2014-11-09 Juan of the Dead – Zombies Cubano http://t.co/6jo9mneuGt 11:31:02, 2014-11-10 Did I tell you our cats like to cuddle and hold hands? http://t.co/cSKjTFgDyn 19:05:40, […]

Who Put the Roo in the Stew?

“As a fact of life it’s known now, and we all know that it’s true: the Colonel put the lickin’ in the chicken, but who put the roo in the stew?” The tale of a shady meat dealer, apparently. [youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bH_6eUlJfac]

The Casual Vacancy – J. R. R. Rowling

The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling, narrated by Tom Hollander When Barry Fairbrother, town counsellor for a tiny English down, dies of an anurysm, the ensuing vicious squabble over the titular opening becomes both intricate, fraught, and nightmarish.  The leading lights of the town and their children are all tightly intertwined, and often at odds […]

In which I pontificate for the Southern Hemisphere

I did an interview with Kenji Sato of Sydney, Australia’s 2ser 107.3, on the nature of zombie stories.  Take a listen.

Keeping my head above water…

Between writing obligations (revisions and editing), family obligations (three swim meets, trips to Minnesota and Florida), PCA obligations (the 2015 conference is rolling along busily), and CCC obligations (two classes to finish now, a program to coordinate, my zombie class, and an intense committee I was just elected to), the next three months look to […]

Using poems to make shoes

[Evan Jenkins and David Jones, two folk poets from Ffair Rhos, discussing their poems in a cobbler’s workshop] I love the way the cobbler looks in this photo — a mix of malaise and irritation.