A guy dropping a box of bees

A Guy Dropping a Box of Bees

Image from page 226 of “The Ninth New York heavy artillery. A history of its organization, services in the defenses of Washington, marches, camps, battles, and muster-out … and a complete roster of the regiment” (1899)

This image was right next to the narrative about the company’s activities on November 5th, 1864, which included no reference to a guy dropping a box of bees.  The company was on patrol at that time, and would, in a few days, help re-elect Abraham Lincoln: “The momentous presidential election of 1864 came on the 8th of November, just as late as possible, and it is not improbable that the movement of the Ninth was delayed till after the voting was done.  Our men gave Lincoln a large vote, as might have been expected.”

The images on this chapter are from Hard Tack and Coffee, 1897, and were used with permission.

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  1. Riley! Josh Trotter from UF here. I looked up your blog today after telling someone the story of how you wrote a novel in a month, and I was thrilled to find this picture. Chad Woody referenced it in one of his comics that I remember him showing me back at UF, about injured Civil War guys eating beans: http://themuseumofamericana.net/current-issue/art-photography/art-by-chad-woody/


    I hope you are well and are all set for a happy holiday season! Your pal, JT

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