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{ Monthly Archives } December 2014

2014 in Review: Podcasts

I listen to a lot of podcasts.  I’m planning to scale it back a bit, but here are the podcasts I listen to, divided up by how frequently I listen to them: Exhaustively (I listen to every episode of these podcasts – they’re the first to get played): Judge John Hodgman (weekly) Jordan Jesse Go […]

2014 in Review: Comics

Here are the four (six) best comics I read this year, in no particular order: Revival, Volume 1-3 by Tim Seeley, Mike Norton, et al A smart, interesting zombie comic in which the zombies are just people who have woken up (ala The Returned) but are also dead and, well, off in some way.  All […]

2014 in Review: Music

This is the hardest review post to write, as I often don’t pay strict attention to the music I ingest, even as I’m listening to it.  Nonetheless, here are some notes about music this year. Pokey LaFarge by Bill Streeter (cc-licensed) New albums (by month acquired): The White Stripes, The White Stripes Passenger, All the […]

2014 in Review: Films

I don’t keep track of movies quite as closely as other media that I view, but I do try to keep track.  Of the roughly 35 movies I watched this year, here are my top four: The LEGO Movie Far better than you could hope it would be, The LEGO movie perfectly captured both the […]

Tweets from 2014-12-21 to 2014-12-27

Yep. 5am Eastern time sucks just as much as 5am Central time. 04:00:05, 2014-12-21 Tweets from 2014-12-14 to 2014-12-20 10:00:24, 2014-12-21 Bud Bassette decorating underwater Christmas Tree 11:30:28, 2014-12-21 Arrived at Disney, in line within 10 minutes. #winning 14:07:10, 2014-12-21 I always think it's funny when you use one browser to visit and download another. […]

2014 in Review: Books

Top books I read in 2014 — Listed roughly in order of “favorite,” though this is not precise. Fiction (click the image to read my review): Southern Gods by James Horner Jacobs A creepy, Lovecraftian tale buried in the Louisiana Bayou.  Startling and amazing. The Girl with All the Gifts by M.R. Carey Deeply heartfelt, […]

2014 in Review: Blog posts

A brief survey of the highlights of the blog this year.  It’s a bit truncated, as I went on a blogging hiatus from January until about August. Favorite image: This panel from Dr. Strange. My favorite posts: Sept 25 –Archbishop John Nienstedt should be ashamed of himself. Oct 15 –3 anecdotes that shape my thoughts […]

May You Be Happy As Kittens

Here’s hoping your holidays are filled with warmth, visits with friends and family, and that you’re happy as kittens.

The Steinmetz family set the bar for Christmas Cards pretty damn high

The Steinmetz family set the bar for Christmas Cards pretty damn high

Comics Roundup: Shadowland – Moon Knight, Hawkeye, Lazarus

Shadowland: Moon Knight by Gregg Hurwitz and Bong Dazo In what will be the last of my efforts to understand this odd character, I read Gregg Hurwitz’s short run on Moon Knight.  I pulled a rookie move and failed to research what “Shadowland” was, so inadvertently found myself reading a mini-series from the middle of […]

Bud Bassette decorating underwater Christmas Tree

Regular readers know I post photos each Wednesday. I find these by searching the Flickr Commons for keywords related to the month in which I’m sending the photos. When I did a search for Christmas, however, I found too many great photos to pare it down to four. So I’ve decided December will also feature […]

Tweets from 2014-12-14 to 2014-12-20

Tweets from 2014-12-07 to 2014-12-13 10:00:35, 2014-12-14 The Girl with All the Gifts 11:31:18, 2014-12-15 RT @jonnoseidler: In condensed form. 13:15:26, 2014-12-15 "@scalzi: …on the wrong day are real idiots. #AtTheVet" First instinct on reading this was: Scalzi hates the troops! 13:21:26, 2014-12-15 Dispatches from the Age of Electracy: End of the semester grading […]

The Uncommon Reader (review)

An Uncommon Reader by Alan Burnett What happens when the Queen of England discovers that a mobile library visits Buckingham Palace regularly?  She checks out a book.  And so begins a tale of a dawning late-in-life love of literature for Britain’s highest royal.  As her Majesty becomes a more adept reader, the world around her […]

Five Holiday songs I’m enjoying this year

Christmas music doesn’t have to be the same 25 songs over and over each year.  Each December, I buy new Holiday music for my playlist, I add two Santastic mashup albums, and I add holiday songs I’ve encountered throughout the year, and I listen to it during my work time.  Here are five songs I’m […]

The Last Policeman

The Last Policeman by Ben H. Winters Detective Hank Palace just wants to solve this murder.  But there are lots of things getting in the way: his colleagues and the coroner think it’s suicide, the mobile phone service is getting sketchy in his little Massachusetts town, the crime lab is backed up beyond belief, and […]