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{ Monthly Archives } January 2015

Comics Roundup: Judge Dredd 3 & 4, Two-Step, Grindhouse

Judge Dredd, Volumes 3 and Volume 4 by Duane Swierczynski and Nelson Daniel Volume 3 finds Dredd in the wastelands, trying to track down criminals to save Mega-City one from “The Big Fail.”  Think of it as “Dredd visits The Hills Have Eyes.”  It’s a delightful, if goofy, adventure for everyone’s favorite Clint Eastwood doppelganger.  […]

January 28th, IN HISTORY

This year, for the “Wednesday photos” feature, I will be including photos that reference the date of the post in their description or when they were taken.


Farside written by Ben Bova; narrated by Stephan Rudnicki On the far side of the moon, a new observatory is building the biggest telescopes ever crafted by Man.  These massive instruments, combined with the Moon’s airless surface, and the far-side’s shelter from the brightness of the Earth, give its scientists the ability to see things […]

Tweets from 2015-01-18 to 2015-01-24

Tweets from 2015-01-11 to 2015-01-17 http://t.co/eaV2342a3V 10:00:29, 2015-01-18 #GameLog 18Jan2015 kids' game #Camp, lost disastrously. Bruce the Moose can't roll for shit. 15:49:56, 2015-01-18 #GameLog 18Jan2015 #TMNTGame. All rolling, not much fun. But Finn defeated Shredder, so there's that. 15:51:12, 2015-01-18 #GameLog 18Jan2015 Two player game of #TicketToRideEurope tonight. All aboard: Edinburgh to Athina by way […]

Thoughts on next year’s zombie class

I’m wondering how the course would work if I re-worked it next year as a series of Zombie subgenres (Hollywood, Vodou, Cyborg, Alien-slug, Fast/Virus, Philosophical, Nazi) and we approached the material from that perspective.  This would make the experience of the course way different from what it is now, and give me some variety in […]

Unholy Night

Unholy Night by Seth Grahame-Smith What if the Three Wise Men of the nativity story weren’t, in fact, scholars, but were rather disguised thieves on the run from Herod?  And what if they happened upon a young woman and her husband and the baby they said was destined for great things?  And what if there […]

January 21st, IN HISTORY

This year, for the “Wednesday photos” feature, I will be including photos that reference the date of the post in their description or when they were taken. Lt King listed his occupation as “Scholar.”  I can just tell his classes would have been awesome. I bet IT help calls were a lot more fun in […]

The Thing

One of my students stared agape at me when I admitted, last week, that I’d only just watched The Thing for the first time.  “Really?” he gasped. Really. But oh man, it’s pretty damn great. I knew the story before I went in, but I think it would be great for the film to be […]

In which my course “doesn’t sound right no matter how seriously you phrase it”

The Times of India has joined the “look at all these stupid courses” game with their own collection of summaries, including a bizarre summary of my course (and PERHAPS a course about embalming as well?  It’s weird).  Here’s the relevant text: Class on zombies Official course title: Zombies In Popular Media What it means: Slacker […]

Thinking about dead bodies: Stiff, by Mary Roach

Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach, narrated by Shelly Frasier As always, Mary Roach explores a topic of interest and (perhaps) disgust with tact, verve, and lots of humor.  In this book–the first of her science books–Roach explores the myriad ways we deal with death and dead bodies, and explains how […]

Tweets from 2015-01-11 to 2015-01-17

Tweets from 2015-01-04 to 2015-01-10 http://t.co/8wLfR0Obyf 10:00:45, 2015-01-11 Avery said today in RE they learned the story of David and Galactus. 10:52:22, 2015-01-11 Felt a little like @hodgman over the holidays, drinkin' my #Moxie soda. If only they sponsoered #JudgeJohnHodgman! http://t.co/LQiWeGaE9I 11:54:03, 2015-01-11 #GameLog Won a solo game of #DeathAngel (only the 3rd time I've managed […]

One more week

The busiest time of the year, for me, is early January.  It’s crunch time over at the PCA, where we’re solidifying our schedule, finishing registration, and getting ready for the conference.  We’re preparing for a new semester at Columbia College Chicago, so there are syllabi to finalize and other administrative work to do.  And I’m […]

Where’d you go, D.B. Cooper? Skyjack

Skyjack: The Hunt for D.B. Cooper written and narrated by Geoffrey Gray Gray starts the tale of famed plane hijacker D.B. Cooper with his own introduction to the tale — a visit from a private-eye friend who wanted to pitch a story.  What follows is a three-year odyssey into one of the modern rabbit holes, […]

January 14, IN HISTORY

This year, for the “Wednesday photos” feature, I will be including photos that reference the date of the post in their description or when they were taken.

Herbie vs. Superman

Recently watched, on the same day, both Man of Steel and Herbie: Fully Loaded.  Man of Steel is the recent Superman reboot, featuring the lantern-jawed Henry Cavill as the titular hero punching his way around the U.S. fighting General Zod.  Herbie: Fully Loaded is the decade-old Herbie reboot, featuring the titular zany car once again […]