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{ Monthly Archives } May 2015

Tweets from 2015-05-24 to 2015-05-30

"@pbooth81: @digital_sextant @KatieRBooth and I were talking about #MiceAndMystics today. Wanna continue our story soon?" Yes! 07:30:04, 2015-05-24 Tweets from 2015-05-17 to 2015-05-23 http://t.co/qHoyjmzgFD 10:00:29, 2015-05-24 Weekend #GameLog. Two games of #Citadels in which my daughter's friend clobbered us both, three games of Uno of which I won two. 20:27:10, 2015-05-24 #GameLog Played a round of.@FloodgateGames […]

Broken Time

Broken Time by Maggy Thomas When Siggy gets a job at an interplanetary supermax prison, she doesn’t know she’s going to become a conversational pal with a pair of serial killers.  Or that this relationship will hinge on the fact that she’s one of the few people who has encountered time pockets more than once.  […]

On Game Design: Yes, and…

I’ve written a bit about the improv rule “Yes, and” over on the Rattlebox Games blog.  Check it out. …Like Improv, RPG storytelling takes real trust between the game master and the characters. And like Improvosational comedians, they need to remember the “yes, and” rule.  (“Yes, and” refers to the philosophy that Improv performers should […]

Tweets from 2015-05-17 to 2015-05-23

Tweets from 2015-05-10 to 2015-05-16 http://t.co/RQdRkFe6ii 10:00:32, 2015-05-17 Checked out this "Crazy Men" show last night. A little confusing but entertaining. I am looking forward to next week, Mr. Drapes! 04:19:06, 2015-05-18 Because I'm lazy, I want a link at the top of Moodle forums that I can click to spawn each entry into its own […]

Comics roundup – Chimichanga, Kabuki, Locke & Key vol 2

Some comics I’ve read in the last month.  Chimichanga – The last few times I’ve been to cons (C2E2 2014, SDCC 2014, C2E2 2015), I saw Eric Powell, the smart and friendly writer of The Goon.  I usually buy a new comic from him and ask him to sign an old one.  This time around, […]

Shake us and we rattle…

Some friends and I have been working at some board games, recently, and we’re very near to putting our first print-n-play game up for people to see, try, download, and so on.  As part of the project, I’m starting to tweet and blog over on that website occasionally, so that there’s content there, and stuff.  […]

Tweets from 2015-05-10 to 2015-05-16

Tweets from 2015-05-03 to 2015-05-09 http://t.co/r8JiEMLMBf 10:01:08, 2015-05-10 "@DanKCharnley: The opposite of "Stairway to Heaven" is "Elevator to Hell."" Pretty sure it's an escalator. 21:42:36, 2015-05-10 April Music Roundup http://t.co/NIfEVSY6Gd 11:30:43, 2015-05-11 Senate vote to #FastTrack the #TPP censorship deal is tomorrow! Take action now http://t.co/ddnIrdvrAv http://t.co/lAvs2abFdd via @idltweets 14:51:00, 2015-05-11 @TheGoodMariner Re Castles of Burgundy […]

On Game Design: The Kitchen Sink

I am an unabashed sucker for Kitchen Sink games.  I don’t know where I first heard this idiom applied to game design, but I definitely can’t claim it for myself.  I’m using the term to describe the following kinds of games: They have lots of complex, interconnecting rules They have multiple game mechanics to learn, […]

April Music Roundup

I review my music playlist for each month, compiled from albums that drift across my transom and tunes I download from eMusic.  This month, my ‘reviews’ of the albums tell you almost nothing about them.  Enjoy. Emusic four songs from Syl Johnson, Complete Mythology.  I didn’t know Syl Johnson until I heard about him on […]

Tweets from 2015-05-03 to 2015-05-09

#GameLog A fun time playing Party games last night with @pbooth81 @KatieRBooth @trauman and others. #Telestrations is a pretty wild time! 09:14:38, 2015-05-03 #GameLog Oodelolly We had a riotous time playing #THINGS last night too. 09:16:57, 2015-05-03 Tweets from 2015-04-26 to 2015-05-02 http://t.co/eoTigNnQF5 10:00:30, 2015-05-03 MT "@TheGoodMariner: @ActionPhase How is #HeroesWanted?" Very fun if fiddly to […]

Game Design: The Rules that used to know

Have you ever had a game whose rules you didn’t know as well as you thought you did?  Discovering that the rules are different than you thought can be a real blow–suddenly that game you thought you had all figured out is something else altogether.  It’s like somebody you used to know. Three stories: Nearly […]

Directive 51

Directive 51 by John Barnes; narrated by Susan Eriksen What would happen if all the people who hate the “big system,” for the many, many different reasons that people do, decided that their differences of opinion about why they hate it were irrelevant, and all bonded together to do something about it?  Technological apocalypse, that’s […]

On Game Design: Is It Luck?

As I started to get more serious about the board game hobby, I learned a number of amusing terms for different kind of games.  One that I enjoy quite a bit is “Ameritrash,” a seemingly-derogatory phrase for games that a) have tons of little fiddly bits, b) have a strongly developed theme, and c) rely […]

Tweets from 2015-04-26 to 2015-05-02

Tweets from 2015-04-19 to 2015-04-25 http://t.co/fCu3GAhPHO 10:00:38, 2015-04-26 The @GeneHa graphic novel #Mae has already funded and the stretch goals are starting to emerge. Go check it out! https://t.co/tDnQXrtqnZ 05:34:47, 2015-04-27 #GameLog Fun #TicketToRideEurope game: we finished w/in 6 pts of each other 'til grandma claimed longest route ftw. http://t.co/mVcxOjU3ae 09:14:18, 2015-04-27 Koko Takes a Holiday http://t.co/ytb2RJcXDt […]