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{ Monthly Archives } July 2015

Tweets from 2015-07-19 to 2015-07-25

Tweets from 2015-07-12 to 2015-07-18 10:01:09, 2015-07-19 @tastyminstrel Whenever I see "TMG" I think of TMZ or TMBG. Have you considered making games about tabloid journalism or novelty music? 12:42:54, 2015-07-19 @sawbones Just listened to the seasickness episode. Great as always! I was very skeptical but SeaBands totally block my son's car sickness. 18:19:59, 2015-07-19 […]

Tweets from 2015-07-12 to 2015-07-18

Tweets from 2015-07-05 to 2015-07-11 10:01:08, 2015-07-12 RT @loyk85: @tabletop @MediGrad_Games hahah yes! 18:10:47, 2015-07-12 Every time I hear #UptownFunk on the radio, I have a secret hope for a moment that it will be #DarkLordFunk instead. 09:51:19, 2015-07-13 #GameLog A fun first game of @LudiCreations #PocketImperium with Avery and Finn. He won, […]

Tweets from 2015-07-05 to 2015-07-11

Tweets from 2015-06-28 to 2015-07-04 10:00:32, 2015-07-05 #GameLog a tense game of #LostCities this afternoon. Whoooo fun. 17:49:34, 2015-07-05 @thechriscormier #WhatDidYouPlayMondays This weekend it was #Agricola, #GhostStories, #LostCities. Fun times. 11:46:52, 2015-07-06 You know you're tired when you Google a website URL rather than just typing it in the address bar. 07:09:04, 2015-07-07 Fun […]

Tweets from 2015-06-28 to 2015-07-04

Tweets from 2015-06-21 to 2015-06-27 10:00:34, 2015-06-28 "@TheGoodMariner: Happened upon one of my Top 10 favorites #huzzah" I have very fond memories of playing this game. 19:50:04, 2015-06-28 #GameLog A fun round of #SheriffofNottingham with the kids. Finn decides how much he thinks he can sneak by Mom. 21:01:58, 2015-06-28 Today was another […]

Film review: As Above, So So

As Above So Below This film follows a group of renegade explorers as they dive into the Paris catacombs looking for buried Alchemist treasure.  It’s a creepy movie that plays on the extraordinary claustrophobia of underground spaces, and makes excellent use of the first-person camera genre (though it never proposes the means by which the […]

I inadvertently took June off from blogging

It’s been a busy month around here, working on writing projects and creative projects and, well, work.  In all that time, I’ve just fallen off the blogging train.  Sorry about that! Quick updates: Not much reading this month.  I read Margaret Atwood’s The Year of the Flood.  It was good. Plenty of gaming.  It was […]