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{ Monthly Archives } September 2015

Tweets from 2015-09-20 to 2015-09-26

In Which I tell Real Simple Magazine about zombies http://t.co/mo8I5ZFqCV http://t.co/EncA9Vnarn 07:54:06, 2015-09-20 Tweets from 2015-09-13 to 2015-09-19 http://t.co/L08mCVolLC 10:00:46, 2015-09-20 The Manhattan Projects http://t.co/tSbmYymzdI http://t.co/26PAVazWLM 11:31:21, 2015-09-21 Hey auto-correct: yes, I mean 'muggles.' Not juggles. 13:54:02, 2015-09-21 RT @GreenCouchGames: It’s Super Share Sunday! Please tell your people about Avalanche at Yeti Mountain so we can get […]

The Martian

The Martian by Andy Weir We read this book for my SF group this month in anticipation of the film being released soon.  Amazing! Through a cascading set of mishaps, Mark Whatney is left for dead on Mars by his fellow astronauts. This novel tells the exciting and harrowing tale of attempt to survive.  A […]

The Manhattan Projects

The Manhattan Projects, Vol 1-5 written by Jonathan Hickman, illustrated by Nick Pitarra In the 1940s, the United States wrangled many of its best scientific minds together into the Manhattan Project, a military research group with the aim of creating the Atom bomb.  Hickman and Pitarra’s comic asks the simple question: what if the members […]

Tweets from 2015-09-13 to 2015-09-19

Tweets from 2015-09-06 to 2015-09-12 http://t.co/yOgDvNdJXP 10:00:17, 2015-09-13 Twitter friends: Do you regularly organize your progression through your music collection? If so, what system do you use? #music #LazyWeb 09:51:58, 2015-09-14 Wow. A more brutal game of #SpaceHulkDeathAngel I have rarely played. Lost 1 or 2 soldiers each round, killed only 2 aliens. Died in room […]

In Which I tell Real Simple Magazine about zombies

Real Simple magazine ran a piece on Zombies in this year’s October magazine, and guess who’s quoted in the article?  Thanks to Kate Booth for sending me the pictures.

Tweets from 2015-09-06 to 2015-09-12

Tweets from 2015-08-30 to 2015-09-05 http://t.co/NtykFxxx8c 10:01:28, 2015-09-06 RT @Rattleboxgames: "Who has the highest sanity?" they asked. "I do," I said. #MWAHAHAHAHA! #BetrayalatHouseontheHill http://t.co/rwXpz7GNdf 20:01:29, 2015-09-06 School starts tomorrow! Who's ready for some learnin?! @ColumbiaChi 23:05:54, 2015-09-07 RT @toonopolis: Best meme of the #KimDavis fiasco I've seen yet. #Ghostbusters #DoYourJob http://t.co/UMNrQqF3OR 23:06:57, 2015-09-07 Finally realize your […]

Tweets from 2015-08-30 to 2015-09-05

"@Jam_sponge: GOOD MORNING http://t.co/IDUskmAcSX" I will continue to favorite this every time you post it. #Classic 06:26:05, 2015-08-30 Tweets from 2015-08-23 to 2015-08-29 http://t.co/ZQUH9ObgGw 10:01:22, 2015-08-30 Greetings, Seattle. I am here. 11:49:10, 2015-08-30 I appreciate the effort you are making on my behalf, Seattle. Was overcast when I arrived, and already the clouds part so the […]