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{ Monthly Archives } January 2016

Tweets from 2016-01-24 to 2016-01-30

Tweets from 2016-01-17 to 2016-01-23 https://t.co/wzpSr8w0VP 10:00:17, 2016-01-24 Plan for after church: 1/3 cleaning, 1/3 work, 1/3 fun. Ideas for what game to play during fun time? 10:58:13, 2016-01-24 Hey @pbooth81 & @KatieRBooth, guess what has just courtseyed its way onto our "must play" list. https://t.co/XdP9xkS3Df 16:48:27, 2016-01-25 I love the first STRIFE game and am […]

Tweets from 2016-01-17 to 2016-01-23

Tweets from 2016-01-10 to 2016-01-16 https://t.co/MelvqIRUeu 10:00:52, 2016-01-17 Showing Finn a movie starring B Stiller, W H Macy, H Azaria, G Kinnear, G Rush, P Reubens, J Garofolo, and Tom Waits. It's MysteryMen night. 19:39:28, 2016-01-19 Tell me you think this mannequin isn't creepy. I'll call you LIAR. https://t.co/Zwa6AYB8QJ 19:53:14, 2016-01-21 Really looking forward to the […]

Tweets from 2016-01-10 to 2016-01-16

Tweets from 2016-01-03 to 2016-01-09 https://t.co/JG5f7z7iyF 10:00:19, 2016-01-10 Well this makes my day. https://t.co/EpaJu03sUA 19:58:51, 2016-01-11 @robdaviaugamer: W/ equal certainty: original & Christmas versions of "8675309/Jenny" were both necessary for our species' continued growth. 07:40:53, 2016-01-12 Rewatched the #Portlandia Brunch episode yesterday. Good golly, @TimRobbins1, you are astounding. https://t.co/iy9EYpVMnF 15:47:14, 2016-01-12 I Love teaching my zombie […]

Tweets from 2016-01-03 to 2016-01-09

Tweets from 2015-12-27 to 2016-01-02 https://t.co/pchF1EdAfk 10:00:13, 2016-01-03 #TheAdventurers Avery wins with just 16 pts while we all die screaming, buried under our burdensome treasures. https://t.co/9Uz9ApKDW2 12:46:07, 2016-01-03 Twenty minutes till @pbooth81 and @KatieRBooth katiecome over to finish our run through #TimeStories #TheAsylum. Can't wait. 13:40:32, 2016-01-03 "@Tantrum_House: @pbooth81 @KatieRBooth Asylum is our favorite!!" Fun times. […]

Tweets from 2015-12-27 to 2016-01-02

Tweets from 2015-12-20 to 2015-12-26 https://t.co/2CDIrIizBT 10:00:15, 2015-12-27 @TABoardgames "Um, I buy wheat… to feed my family." "BODY SLAM!" (Fred introduces the WWE game to some Eurogamers.) 11:02:23, 2015-12-30 "@CMONGames #NewYearsResolutionIn5Words What are some of your #boardgame related resolutions for 2016?" Play half my collection once. 16:46:30, 2015-12-30 What's going on at your placw tomorrow? We've […]