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{ Monthly Archives } May 2016

Saga on Board Games

Saga: Vol 3 features a weird otherworldly board game.  Here are the relevent panels.  

Tweets from 2016-05-22 to 2016-05-28

Tweets from 2016-05-15 to 2016-05-21 https://t.co/YnIcGMddfr 10:01:02, 2016-05-22 Banging my head against the emusic downloader and firefox I switched to Chrome and found the problem:.. (1/2) 06:24:41, 2016-05-26 (2/2) …the download file is always named "0.emx" so firefox assumes it already downloaded and doesn't pull it again. 06:25:06, 2016-05-26 Hey @pbooth81, thought this would tickle your […]

Tweets from 2016-05-15 to 2016-05-21

Sunday morning, listening to bits of old @BluePegPinkPeg episodes. All I can say is this better not be about Ovaltine. 07:18:41, 2016-05-15 Tweets from 2016-05-08 to 2016-05-14 https://t.co/0FFR8O9msS 10:00:29, 2016-05-15 #WelcomeToTheDungeon #boardgames In the stands at a swim meet. 2016 05 15 https://t.co/MykMWmZxG6 15:16:56, 2016-05-15 #Monstrous #boardgames Throwing cards. https://t.co/ROioECiZCG 20:14:58, 2016-05-15 Star wars rebellion. Tonight. […]

Tweets from 2016-05-08 to 2016-05-14

Tweets from 2016-05-01 to 2016-05-07 https://t.co/jFXWLN2ZJ6 10:00:11, 2016-05-08 May 22nd AMC premieres PREACHER, based on the Ennis/Robertson comic. I will be waiting in front of my TV until then. @pbooth81 @RogerWhitson 14:08:17, 2016-05-08 My daughter could also help curate. https://t.co/H6PV0r3FuR 06:21:15, 2016-05-09 RT @laurien: Talk to Your University Presses! Playing the Past History & Nostalgia in […]

Tweets from 2016-05-01 to 2016-05-07

Tweets from 2016-04-24 to 2016-04-30 https://t.co/Z5G9ntdbiD 10:00:37, 2016-05-01 Your cut-throat 10 y.o. getting too big for her gaming britches? Beat her 128 to 55 in #DungeonPetz. #IDontFeelBad https://t.co/jJwfM24kzT 18:10:22, 2016-05-01 Anybody able to decipher this? https://t.co/On7Ov2xP7i 07:24:16, 2016-05-03 Appropos of a recent announcement, I'd like to say I really like #AgentCarter and hope it gets a […]

Tweets from 2016-04-24 to 2016-04-30

Tweets from 2016-04-17 to 2016-04-23 https://t.co/RM6w74JsBw 10:00:15, 2016-04-24 Just got a phishing email pretending to be from my school's helpdesk, with a link claiming to help with PREVENTING PHISHING. #MetaSpam 10:21:13, 2016-04-25 FBI director #Comey is lying again. This man is out of control. Tell him to resign: https://t.co/vB4uYHAUCK #cyberengagement @idltweets 13:02:36, 2016-04-26 @tableflipsyou I saw […]