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{ Monthly Archives } August 2016

Tweets from 2016-08-21 to 2016-08-27

Tweets from 2016-08-14 to 2016-08-20 https://t.co/w61e5jeLJC 10:00:13, 2016-08-21 Just waved to a guy sitting in a parked car only to realize it was just a tee shirt stretched over a seat with a headrest in the neck hole. 08:14:28, 2016-08-23 Awesome doctor gives toddler a vaccination https://t.co/91WBepWnt6 07:45:29, 2016-08-26 Dropping Avery off for a swim outing: […]

Tweets from 2016-08-14 to 2016-08-20

Tweets from 2016-08-07 to 2016-08-13 https://t.co/QceH3xRG7q 10:00:54, 2016-08-14 @mostlyplaying Listened to #Nerdrunners podcast archive. Wanted to thank you for the great show. Bummed I didn't listen when it was on. 11:38:52, 2016-08-17 Retweet this until it breaks. Then retweet it again. Sound the alarm to stop #TPP https://t.co/sMZoPmqvFA https://t.co/mQB8RWRdP3 @idltweets 13:14:29, 2016-08-17

Tweets from 2016-08-07 to 2016-08-13

Tweets from 2016-07-31 to 2016-08-06 https://t.co/PHagx1Vt0S 10:01:08, 2016-08-07 Went to Ireland and the kickstarter fairy dropped by while we were gone. https://t.co/VO6KaRrWhI 12:41:16, 2016-08-09 When you write about Popular Culture, you can do worse than starting with a #Clerks reference. @ThatKevinSmith https://t.co/NrJ6SWGNZF 12:43:57, 2016-08-09 For a second i thought you were referring to the BPRD. "Hellboy, […]

Tweets from 2016-07-31 to 2016-08-06

Tweets from 2016-07-24 to 2016-07-30 https://t.co/JNxhJQckPh 10:00:09, 2016-07-31