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{ Monthly Archives } December 2016

Tweets from 2016-12-18 to 2016-12-24

Tweets from 2016-12-11 to 2016-12-17 https://t.co/D2Jnv5JIqT 10:00:53, 2016-12-18 Instrumental soundtrack graders: If the JAWS theme shuffles on while you're grading, does it make you more likely to grade viciously? 09:26:02, 2016-12-20 Heads up: spammers have ruined the phrase "Dearest one." Don't address me that way in email — you'll get junked. 06:33:21, 2016-12-21 Who me? Just […]

Tweets from 2016-12-11 to 2016-12-17

Tweets from 2016-12-04 to 2016-12-10 https://t.co/vSOr4uax1I 10:05:02, 2016-12-11 @DogandThimble Are you going to announce award voting on the bgg guild in addition to Twitter? My feed runs too fast on Twitter. 08:11:29, 2016-12-12 Dear people who make programs for computers — please don't add shortcuts to my desktop when I update unless you ask very explicitly. […]

Tweets from 2016-12-04 to 2016-12-10

@SinUhMuhnBuhns Monday or Thursday at 6 central work? Otherwise I could prob do later, like 9 or 10 central some evening? PM me if you like. in reply to SinUhMuhnBuhns 07:25:34, 2016-12-04 Tweets from 2016-11-27 to 2016-12-03 https://t.co/o7MfKsPM0k 10:00:21, 2016-12-04 @SinUhMuhnBuhns No worries! Congrats on the house! in reply to SinUhMuhnBuhns 08:52:09, 2016-12-06 First annual screening […]

Tweets from 2016-11-27 to 2016-12-03

Tweets from 2016-11-20 to 2016-11-26 https://t.co/Wz959bxkA7 10:00:21, 2016-11-27 No single politician killed the #TPP. We the people did. Read the real story here https://t.co/WJxdbgeteO https://t.co/lOKowhpj7J @idltweets 15:33:32, 2016-11-28 Call 1-919-FREEDOM to demand Congress #StopMassHacking, block #Rule41 changes to expand FBI surveillance https://t.co/LIHdzX9BGQ @idltweets 15:21:28, 2016-11-29 I just won a copy of #TidesofMadness by @trzewik. What fun! […]