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{ Monthly Archives } March 2017

Tweets from 2017-03-12 to 2017-03-18

RT @LilFormers: And so, Dr. Baloo finds himself leaping from life to life, hoping each time that his next leap… will be the leap home. ht… 05:17:32, 2017-03-13 Fun Fact: adjective for Dean (college administrator) just might be "decanal." As in, "She aspires to work at the decanal level someday." 11:29:05, 2017-03-14 RT @GameFightShow: Day […]

Tweets from 2017-03-05 to 2017-03-11

I am told that a rabbit will stretch out a bit when it's relaxed. If that's true, Owen was Arthur Fonzerelli tonigh… 21:05:00, 2017-03-08 @SinUhMuhnBuhns @LeagueNonsense i am waiting for Shark Island. in reply to SinUhMuhnBuhns 21:06:31, 2017-03-08 #asktwitter which is more efficient: all the lights on in a 5bdr house for 6.5hrs or […]

Tweets from 2017-02-26 to 2017-03-04

RT @MasonJohnson14: This is an attack on kids. Kids. 18:38:04, 2017-02-27 RT @ThatJennie: These brave, perfect citizens!! Thank you. 18:43:38, 2017-02-27 Does not bode well. Not paying attention and got off the train one station early. 10:07:35, 2017-02-28 I see him! 10:08:10, 2017-02-28 My office is dark, lit w/ a bank lamp. […]