About Me: I am Brendan Riley, an Associate Professor in the English Department at Columbia College Chicago. This blog explores curriculum, popular culture, and other miscellany that wanders into my path.

History: The site you’re looking at, currently, is the third iteration of this blog.  Using WordPress’ awesome “Import” feature, I have slurped up the previous two iterations and added them, so when you use the categories, you’re seeing the entire archive.  The “Archive” list, however, is divided by “era” of the blog.  Many of the images and some of the links from the older pages did not survive the transition, however.  My apologies.

Twitter: I use a twitter application called “Twitter Tools” to update my twitter feed and my Facebook page whenever I post on this blog.  You can find more about Twitter tools here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/twitter-tools/

Comment Policy: I welcome comments on my blog, but I will mark as spam anything that seems to be spam or is in a foreign language.  If you are not able to write in English, please use Google Translate or Babelfish to translate your text into English before posting it.

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