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Tweets from 2017-05-21 to 2017-05-27

Tweets from 2017-05-14 to 2017-05-20 10:00:30, 2017-05-21 COME TOGETHER via @YouTube 07:44:12, 2017-05-25 [ viagra success stories | viagra high blood pressure | viagra 50 mg tablets | viagra cartoon | buy viagra | cialis canadian | viagra discount uk | buying generic viagra mexico rx | cialis alternatives no prescription | where to […]

Tweets from 2017-05-14 to 2017-05-20

Tweets from 2017-05-07 to 2017-05-13 10:01:35, 2017-05-14 Dear Twitter — why do so many spammers think I care about whether or not Ellen has resigned from her show? 10:08:48, 2017-05-15 @djrthelostboy via @ShutUpShow "Dragons Are for White Kids with Money: On the Friction of Geekdom and Race" 06:38:29, 2017-05-16 [ cheap link suggest viagra […]

Tweets from 2017-05-07 to 2017-05-13

Tweets from 2017-04-30 to 2017-05-06 10:00:29, 2017-05-07 Some spammer sent a message to several dozen people I don't know, and now they're replying all asking to be removed from "the list." 05:54:49, 2017-05-08 I know you know I can't wait for this! ‘Psych’ Reunion: Cast Reuniting for Holiday Movie on USA in Dec via […]

Tweets from 2017-04-30 to 2017-05-06

Tweets from 2017-04-23 to 2017-04-29 10:01:58, 2017-04-30 @SinUhMuhnBuhns @FFGames I think they wanted us to have a place to keep our cards that cycle out when rotation starts. in reply to SinUhMuhnBuhns 21:44:52, 2017-04-30 Bummed to learn that @TABoardgames is wrapping up their podcast. Sad news at the end of episode 59. 21:46:33, 2017-04-30 Jimmy […]

Tweets from 2017-04-23 to 2017-04-29

Tweets from 2017-04-16 to 2017-04-22 10:00:52, 2017-04-23 Watching Phineas and Ferb with the kids. Candice's futile hope to get the brothers in trouble reminds me of Jeanie Bueller. 17:42:27, 2017-04-26 BREAKING @AjitPaiFCC is moving to kill #netneutrality +let Comcast censor the web @idltweets 17:45:47, 2017-04-26 For International TableTop Day I will be playing […]

Tweets from 2017-04-16 to 2017-04-22

Tweets from 2017-04-09 to 2017-04-15 10:00:57, 2017-04-16 Can't believe I made nearly four decades before I learned that "perogative" is really spelled "prerogative." WHAT ELSE HAVE I BEEN MISSING!? 06:34:38, 2017-04-19 @TABoardgames "Rat Race" IS a remake of a Peter Falk movie: "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World." 15:19:50, 2017-04-19 @TABoardgames But Peter Falk […]

Tweets from 2017-04-09 to 2017-04-15

RT @yashar: There really is a vintage Trump tweet for every subject. 05:18:54, 2017-04-09 Tweets from 2017-04-02 to 2017-04-08 10:00:56, 2017-04-09 Oh! Sorry. I was busy meeting film effects legend John Dykstra tonight. #pcaaca17 #StarWars #Godzilla… 02:03:42, 2017-04-15 Note for future reference – in the 1970s, Arnold Schwartzenegger was pals with another lifter […]

Tweets from 2017-04-02 to 2017-04-08

@GameFightShow Hey #Netrunner peeps! Help our favorite game win this bracket! @Gamefightshow in reply to GameFightShow 09:47:18, 2017-04-02 Tweets from 2017-03-26 to 2017-04-01 10:01:07, 2017-04-02 PSA – Faith No More does not make good grading music. 15:58:20, 2017-04-02 These castles are just MAD. #CastlesofMadKingLudwig #Secrets @beziergames 06:04:15, 2017-04-04 Go to work with Daddy day! […]

Tweets from 2017-03-26 to 2017-04-01

"Girl" vs. “Woman": Why Language Matters via @YouTube 08:12:13, 2017-03-26 Tweets from 2017-03-19 to 2017-03-25 10:00:41, 2017-03-26 RT @GameFightShow: Day eleven's first matchup is Ticket to Ride Vs Robinson Crusoe. Alan R Moon's gateway classic Vs Ignacy Trzewiczek's de… 10:52:15, 2017-03-26 RT @GameFightShow: Day eleven's second matchup is 7 Wonders Duel Vs Castles of […]

Tweets from 2017-03-19 to 2017-03-25

Tweets from 2017-03-12 to 2017-03-18 10:01:28, 2017-03-19 RT @Rattleboxgames: Voting is nearly closed! Vote now! 12:20:13, 2017-03-19 RT @GameFightShow: It's Gonna be a heartache tonight! Today's match one is Scythe Vs The Resistance Avalon. VOTE NOW! #Boardgames @Don_Eskr… 12:20:17, 2017-03-19 RT @Rattleboxgames: Only minutes left to vote! 12:20:21, 2017-03-19 RT @GameFightShow: They. Just. […]

Tweets from 2017-03-12 to 2017-03-18

RT @LilFormers: And so, Dr. Baloo finds himself leaping from life to life, hoping each time that his next leap… will be the leap home. ht… 05:17:32, 2017-03-13 Fun Fact: adjective for Dean (college administrator) just might be "decanal." As in, "She aspires to work at the decanal level someday." 11:29:05, 2017-03-14 RT @GameFightShow: Day […]

Tweets from 2017-03-05 to 2017-03-11

I am told that a rabbit will stretch out a bit when it's relaxed. If that's true, Owen was Arthur Fonzerelli tonigh… 21:05:00, 2017-03-08 @SinUhMuhnBuhns @LeagueNonsense i am waiting for Shark Island. in reply to SinUhMuhnBuhns 21:06:31, 2017-03-08 #asktwitter which is more efficient: all the lights on in a 5bdr house for 6.5hrs or […]

Tweets from 2017-02-26 to 2017-03-04

RT @MasonJohnson14: This is an attack on kids. Kids. 18:38:04, 2017-02-27 RT @ThatJennie: These brave, perfect citizens!! Thank you. 18:43:38, 2017-02-27 Does not bode well. Not paying attention and got off the train one station early. 10:07:35, 2017-02-28 I see him! 10:08:10, 2017-02-28 My office is dark, lit w/ a bank lamp. […]

Tweets from 2017-02-19 to 2017-02-25

RT @GeorgeTakei: Congress: If you refuse to meet in person with your constituents, you are failing to do your job. There's a name for this:… 05:22:23, 2017-02-22 @hodgman Did you see that @MerriamWebster is escalating the hotdog propaganda? 08:54:53, 2017-02-22 RT @hodgman: They are doing this on purpose to annoy me. It has been […]

Tweets from 2017-02-12 to 2017-02-18

When you plan to work during your kid's swim practice but the cafe wifi is too slow to work. ARGH. 08:40:27, 2017-02-18 [ viagra price | viagra cookies | can i take viagra | viagra prescription uk | viagra en gel | viagra clone | female ingestion of viagra | cialis daily canada | viagra […]