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What got played – November edition

Wow! I can’t believe we’re already at November 23rd. What a busy month it’s been!  I just wanted to take a couple minutes today to fill you in on what I’ve been playing since the last post (on Oct 28th). It seems to be harvest season for Kickstarter projects — Loop, Inc. , Best Treehouse […]


It’s weird being a parent as your child grows and begins exploring the world without you.  More and more, my children watch shows and read books I haven’t read.  Our worlds are diverging.  So one does what one can — we watch cheesy television with them, and we read what they’re reading. In the case […]

Are you SHERLOCK worthy? An update from the board gaming hobby

After watching Shut up and Sit Down’s amazing review of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, I decided to pick up a copy to use in my detective class.  I’ve got it in my hot little hands now, and I face a conundrum.  It only comes with 10 mystery booklets.  Each one represents a single possible play […]

Jolly Hallowe’en

I love the note at the bottom: May Fortune Smile On You.  Hear! Hear!

Lots of games this summer

It’s been a fun summer for board games.  I got a few new games, played a bunch, and am looking forward to continuing this fall.  Some highlights: Mice and Mystics – We’ve enjoyed this collaborative adventure game in the vein of Redwall, playing approximately once every six weeks or so.   We have another round scheduled […]

Happy Birthday, Avery

Eight years ago today, Avery was born and our lives were never the same.  Happy birthday, sweetheart. This is a good chance to thank all the people who have helped Jenny and I with the wonderful but tiring task of raising little ones.  To our family and friends, thank you so much for all you […]

Stuff I’m thinking about – Beastie Boys, cooking, swimming, zombies, grading, snow globes

It’s two days until Thanksgiving and we have family coming to visit, so things are a bit crazy around here.  A quick couple things I’m thinking about: I don’t particularly like (or dislike) The Beastie Boys, but I’ve usually thought of them as pretty honorable.  That said, they’ve come down on the wrong side of […]

Hey Judge! He did two dolphin kicks! Are you blind!?

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on getting certified as a swim official.  It’s been an interesting process, full of new knowledge and a new set of skills, with lots of little nuances that were a bit unexpected.  Here are a few of them: A primary goal is to give swimmers equal scrutiny, […]

A nice way to start the morning

When Finn came into my office this morning, he presented me with a picture he told me I could “keep forever.” “It’s you and me,” he said.  Then, a bit sheepishly, he added “If we had pink hair.”

Travel Interregnum

In case you haven’t been keeping up with my occasional tweets and have visited this blog, daily, gasping at its unprofessional lack of new content, I’ll spell it out for you — we’ve got a lot of travel going on this month.  We took a long road trip in the first half of the month, […]

What would you put on a Road Trip playlist?

We’re taking the Great Family Road Trip this summer for two and a half weeks in July, so we can expect to spend plenty of time in the car with the kids.  Consequently, I’m putting together a few playlists — one for us when the kids are watching movies, one for the whole family, etc. […]

Overt symbolism and doppelganger daddies

In watching Jumanji with my kids last week, I realized (belatedly) that Jonathan Hyde plays both Sam Parrish and the creepy man hunter Van Pelt.  This got me thinking about a similar move made by the creators of the recent live-action Peter Pan film, to have Jason Isaacs play both Mr. Darling and Captain Hook. In […]

On being a f’rigner

While I do (or did) have a reasonable facility reading French, I was never very good at speaking it.  I never took the leap to spend much time speaking it nor did I travel to any French-speaking countries where I had to make do and learn to do it well.  Truth be told, I’m a […]

Miscellany for the coming weekend

A few thoughts as we enter the weekend: Two more weeks of Spring semester, which means I’m entering three weeks of grading hell.  Already did a bunch this morning and am almost done for the day, but it won’t let up for a while. Nearly finished some financial reporting I had to get done for […]

Quick bullets about the weekend

John was right when he said the PCA/ACA business doesn’t slow down after the conference.  So much for my plan to clean my office last week. Monday begins the death march to finish my book.  Expect to see Twitter posts of word counts again.  Bug me if you don’t. Non-work things I need to finish […]