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Growing season is upon us

We’ve significantly expanded our gardening this year. Last year, we had a single raised bed with lettuce, peas, spinach, and a few measly carrots, three or four mounds for squash and cucumber, and three extremely fruitful tomato plants. This year we’ve upped the ante significantly: One raised bed with peas, lettuce, spinach, and green onions […]

2009-08-30 Tweets

oh man, my fish have been ravenous lately. I feed them and they go CRAZY! # Oops. I just checked my email, scanned a document, updated my desktop computer, looked at Facebook, and read an article about how mult … # Powered by Twitter Tools

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Random bullets from the day

I spent all day in a retreat, and plenty of good stuff came out of it. Bad stuff too, though: Big meetings like that make me feel like a jerk, but I can’t help grouching to myself. Favorite comment (from a friend): If you’re merely well-informed, you’re useless. From home: Three dead fish in the […]

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It rises!

MEG: A Novel of Deep Terror by Steve Alten There’s a preposterous moment in Mega Shark versus Giant Octopus when a ship captain, anticipating an attack from the 2000 foot shark, murmurs with religious awe, “It rises!” MEG is much less preposterous, for the most part, but is still interesting and amusing. Good summer reading […]

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Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

Of course, you were as excited for this film as I was when you saw the Youtube trailer. Some thoughts: I don’t mind my movie science shaky, but I like them to try, at least. My biggest complaint has to do with the classification. The scientists unblinkingly call this shark a Megalodon. Megalodons are the […]

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Aquarium Update

Because I know you’re dying to know: “New” residents (acquired since the last update) : Two Red-tailed Black Variatus One Clown Loach (snail eater) One Common Pleco (algae eater) One Upside Down Catfish Older tennants still kickin around: Two Bloodfin Tetras Three Tuxedo Guppies One Dalmatian Lyretail Two Zebra Danios One Blue Dwarf Guarami New […]

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Animal care

Aquarium Care: I’ve been somewhat lax in my weekly 10% water swap of my aquarium, so when I did it several days ago, I found that enough water had evaporated that the tank (35 gal) was about 5 gal short of full. So after giving it a few days to acclimate the new water, I […]

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Where have all the silver lyretails gone?

In the wake of my dead fish last week, another fish, the silver lyretail, started acting weird.  He would rest on the bottom most of the time, and when he swam to the top of the tank, he did so using just his side fins (letting his tail rest, kinda).  I worried each day that […]

RIP Zebra Danio 3

Well, Zebra Danio 3 died yesterday.  The rest of the fish seem pretty cool, so I think it’s probably an isolated incident.  If not, you may see more death notices as the days or weeks go on.

I learn about fish poop

I got two new fish last weekend, a Dalmation Lyretail and a Silver Lyretail.  Each has already given me an interesting fish-gazing experience: This dalmation is pretty skittish, darting around the tank whenever I come near (or when Avery pushes her nose against the glass, as she’s wont to do despite my pleas).  At one […]

New Friends to taunt the cat

I got some new fish today for the aquarium. I got two Blue Dwarf Gouramis and three Bronze Tuxedo Guppies. Click the photo above to go to the Flickr page to see which is which.

Something Fishy

My father-in-law gave us his old fish tank, which I set up over the holiday break. I had fish when I was a kid and have always enjoyed having them. After a couple days of running the tank, we got some “tester” fish — a couple Zebra Danios and a couple Blood Fin Tetras. They […]