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So I haven’t lost my touch. After a year’s hiatus from truffle making, I made a tasty comeback with a half-batch of this liqueur favorite. I used Valrhona 65% Cocoa Dark Bittersweet chocolate for both the ganache and the outside coating. The ganache had a bit of Kahlua in it too. Then I drizzled melted […]

Holiday truffle report

I made four batches of Truffles over the holidays, all from recipes I’d used before.  Instead of my usual Scharfenberger chocolate, though, I used the French chocolate Valrhona, which is a bit stronger (particularly the dark chocolate).   All the batches turned out well, though I had to blend the two liquor truffles to keep the […]

Cappuccino truffles

These truffles turned out pretty good, but they were a bit soft. Otherwise, tasty!

Candy Cane Truffles

A success, but not a brilliant one.  Of the truffles I’ve featured here, I’d say these are the least awesome, mostly because I put too much peppermint in — making them taste more like York Peppermint Patties than like chocolates.  That said, I think they’re pretty tasty.  Next time, though, I’ll use half as much […]

Milk Chocolate Curry Truffles

I used the recipe for the Milk Chocolate Curry truffles this weekend, using the Hershey reserve Java blend of Milk Chocolate.  Never having used Coconut milk in a recipe before, I was surprised to find its consistency much like marshmallow, rather than milk.  Only after I had cooked the truffles did I find that the […]

Kahlua Truffles

My second successful batch of truffles in a row! I was a bit worried about the tempered chocolate on this batch, but it turned out deliciously. These truffles are made with Sharfen Berger bittersweet chocolate (70% cacao) and have a hint of Kahlua in them. The Kahlua flavor dashes first onto your tongue and is […]

Pumpkin Spice Truffle

Jenny gave me a book about how to make truffles a while back and I’ve done a few batches, never to great success. Here’s a log of my failures thus far: 1. Bittersweet Dark Chocolate Truffles: First batch had good ganache (that’s the tasty inner stuff), but I overdid the bittersweet coating and they tasted, […]

Closer to 60 than 0

So I’m 30 now. I bought me a pro flickr account and got a book about making truffles — first batch, so-so. Three score to go.

Mmmmmmm. Candy.

The best part about my walk home is that I pass within one hundred feet or so of the Ferrara Pan Candy company. Mmmm, my walk home smells like Red Hots.