Horse Theater

Jenny and I went to the Noble Horse Theater last night to partake in the vanishing “Equestrian Art”.  We saw the legend of sleepy hollow, as told on horseback.  Varyingly amusing and astounding (the “trick riding competition” stood tall above the other parts of the play), we spent a fair amount of time wondering a couple things:

  1. The theater narrator and announcer told us that the NHT dedicates itself to preserving the 19th century “Equestrian Art”, but they aren’t clear what they mean by that phrase.  Are they preserving trick riding and choreographed groups, or are they preserving horse theater?
  2. I wondered what people who work at the horse theater put on their IRS forms as occupation.  I suggested Equestrian Thespian but decided that phrase would refer to the horse, as in: “Is that a racehorse there?” “No, it’s an equestrian thespian.”  An actor who rides horses in such dramatic production is probably a trainer or a wrangler or sommat.