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Drabble Submission

The Drabblecast is a podcast of strange fiction by strange authors for strange listeners like yourself.  It’s great, and if you aren’t listening, you should be. They have a regular feature called the Drabble, which is a 100 word story.  I’ve just submitted the following for their consideration: When Deep Blue beat Gary Kasparov, its […]

Krok Mandoon story contest

Revolution SF is having a contest to win the fantasy video Krok Mandoon.  You have to write a 69-word fantasy story.  I’ve submitted the following: Grak sidled toward the sleeping dragon.  His years of training were cold comfort in the giant beast’s shadow, where a single slip would mean his gnashing, bloody end. The monster’s […]

Let’s take a ride…

I’m trying something new here: mircofiction. My phone chirps. “Okay, looks like they picked up a real nerd,” Dave’s voice crackles. I smile.  Brainiacs always mean more dough.  I nose into traffic and roll up to where they’d been.  I stop for a second and the taxi behind me honks as Dave runs out and […]