Animal care

Aquarium Care:

I’ve been somewhat lax in my weekly 10% water swap of my aquarium, so when I did it several days ago, I found that enough water had evaporated that the tank (35 gal) was about 5 gal short of full. So after giving it a few days to acclimate the new water, I added 5 more gallons today. It’s amazing how much quieter it is when the water isn’t falling 2 inches from the filter. Loads quieter.

The battle of the snails continues. I scraped about 75 out the other day, and another 20 or so today. There are still a bunch in there, but when I was at the pet store I found out that Clown Loaches, cool looking fish in their own right, will eat snails. Kick ass. I’m going to get me some of those. They cost $9 each, but it will be worth it. At the same time, it feels a little weird setting up a predatory environment in my otherwise pleasant aquarium. But those snails are annoying.

Kitty care:
Hermes has a bunch of mats, so we’ve been cutting and pulling them out when he deigns to rest on our laps. With the windows open now, he’s not really deigning much today.

Dog care:
A confluence of bad weather, very busy schedules, and laziness meant that it wasn’t until today that I had sufficient time and energy to tackle the horrible task of picking up the winter’s harvest of dog poop from the yard. It took me nearly 90 minutes, and I would say I netted somewhere in the realm of 30 pounds. Between that and the two bags of dirty diapers in our trash can, I do not envy the can explorer who opens that blue plastic cylinder of death. And to make it worse, I’m slogging my way through the audiobook of The Scarlet Letter, so I was pretty bored too.

A holiday cooking tip

Humble Stumble

Word to the wise: Hazelnuts, when sold by themselves, come in small packages and are labeled Fillberts.

So my question is, does the author of The Humble Stumble assume the audience knows this fact or doesn’t know this fact?