A forceful argument against talking to the police

Boing Boing posts an excellent pair of videos by a law professor and a police officer explaining why you shouldn’t ever talk to the police without a lawyer present.  Ever.  It’s pretty shocking.

And the really scary bit is the question of how police would get their work done if this were the case.  Using this stringent standard, how can I be sure I’m not being questioned as a “person of interest” rather than a witness or whatever.  It’s a scary depiction of the potential minefield the criminal justice apparatus is.

The videos take about 45 minutes to watch, but it’s worth it.

Christian dating

Christian dating

This ad appeared on the Comics Curmudgeon today.  I’m curious about the values espoused in the bullet points versus the image.  The text says that you can meet many people who are Christian (or profess to be), for free.  I’m a bit perplexed about the decision to say it’s a Safe Christian community.  Are there unsafe Christian communities?  I checked and found that while you can “join” for free, there is a pay function.  Also, nowhere in the Terms and Conditions does it actually say you have to be a Christian to join.  There might be non-Christians there!

Most shocking to me, of course, is the photo which differs in no way from the photos for other singles’ sites.  Shouldn’t this person be a bit more reserved?  Standing in profile to show off one’s chest and tiny waist doesn’t seem very reverent to me.  I don’t mean to imply that Christian singles shouldn’t be seeking sex, but this struck me as a little odd.

Finally, I’m amused by the choice to post the ad for the site on Comics Curmudgeon, a left-leaning snarky website that regularly makes fun of Wizard of Id when Johnny Hart or his ghost writer gets too religious and treacly.