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Garden update

Some more garden news: The rhubarb and asparagus are holding on pretty well.  These should have a yield next year. Two of the tomato plants are doing well, two are doing poorly.  The “Big Mama” tomato plant keeps losing tomatoes to some weird brown gunk.  Yuck. Jenny harvested a bunch of potatoes.  Yummy. First summer […]

Garden update

It’s been SUPER hot here.  We’re doing our best to keep the plants robust, but they’re tired tired tired. The peas are done, so we’ve pulled them out.  I think we’ll pull out the vertical nets too, till the soil, and plant a second round of lettuce. We had a nice set of green peppers […]

Garden update

The garden is going gangbusters.  A few updates: We had a bunch of salads made from our lettuce, and we’ve had a bunch of peas, both sugar snap and green. The potatoes took a beating in a couple recent rainstorms, so instead of sticking up, they’re lounging around everywhere now. The asparagus look hilarious, the […]

Garden City

So the summer’s upon us and our garden is waking up. Our plan is well under way, with the lettuce already yielding food (one salad eaten). The peas and potatoes are sprouting nicely. Lettuce and Peas The rhubarb and asparagus seem to have taken root (though the asparagus is being pretty darned lethargic). Asparagus Rhubarb […]

Growing season is upon us

We’ve significantly expanded our gardening this year. Last year, we had a single raised bed with lettuce, peas, spinach, and a few measly carrots, three or four mounds for squash and cucumber, and three extremely fruitful tomato plants. This year we’ve upped the ante significantly: One raised bed with peas, lettuce, spinach, and green onions […]

Now that’s a spicy meatball.

Okay, instead of spicy I mean huge and instead of meatball I mean tomato. But who’d click through to “Now that’s a huge tomato?” Aside from tomato-fetishists, I mean.

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Monstrous Fruit

The garden yielded some creepy fruit this week: check out this conjoined tomato.

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Harvest time

So we’ve been eating cherry tomatoes for a few weeks from the robust plants along the south side of our yard.  The last couple weeks, I’ve harvested 30 or so each week.  Today was the first time the big tomato plants were ready to harvest.  Here’s today’s crop.  I suspect I’ll bring this many in […]

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There’s a sequence in Max Brooks’ incomparable World War Z in which the interviewer asks the head of redevelopment about the reintroduction of public humiliation as a punishment in the post-war America: So many of [the President’s] proposals looked crazy at first glance, but once you peeled back the first layer, you realized that underneath […]

Ohio State returns