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Digital Sextant : Prognostication
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How will you spend your last day?

If the Terminator series is to be believed, Skynet woke up yesterday and its first attack on human kind will happen tomorrow.  While I don’t think this is likely, just in case Skynet is watching: I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords. (Just a little Pascal’s Wager there.) A few thoughts about tomorrow’s apocalypse: […]

The Singularity

Singularity Sky by Charles Stross The idea of singularity rides roughshod through modern science fiction.  As one fellow enthusiast I know put it, “Anyone writing a futuristic story now has to deal with the question of singularity.  Did it happen?  If not, why not?”  For the uninitiated, the singularity is the moment (and brief aftermath […]

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Radio interview finally available

A couple weeks ago, I was interviewed on WBEZ, Vocalo.org radio show.  Here’s my live, on-air performance. You can listen to or download the appearance below.  It’s roughly 88MB, 50 minutes long or so. Brendan Riley’s Radio Appearance on WBEZ.

Shows that die

I botched this post’s premise with a little bit of due diligence before I even started writing it.  This brainstorm depends on the They Might Be Giants song and the Christian Slater show having the same title.  Since they don’t, I’m dead in the water from the get-go.   That said, I’m pretending that they are […]

I am Iron Man

What if Ozzy’s song was a prediction of future Iron Man plots?  Rather than writing a review of this enjoyable superhero movie (a bit of heart, a lot of action, and a baldtastic Jeff Bridges), I’ll interpret Ozzy’s song into the future IM movies. (Lyrics interpretation from Wikipedia) The lyrics concern a champion of humanity […]

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The coming Monkey Apocalypse

In the past few months, I’ve become more and more convinced that one of Avery’s children’s books is actually a missing apocalyptic text, revealing to us the end of the world, in rhythmic rhyme. If you aren’t familiar with Al Perkin’s Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb, check it out in the kids section of your local […]

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Rejected names for the kid

The future is now (or) Sharks with Friggin Lasers

Movie meme

Stuff I plan to watch this fall

Gonna check out: My Name is Earl Headcases Bones (Boreanaz is back, baby!) The Colbert Repórt (It’s French, bitch) Amazing Race 8 I’m looking forward to the return of: Veronica Mars (Watch this!) numb3rs (is this coming back?) Alias

The future is now!

Seeing the future … of the web

Concept comics

I got you babe